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  1. Haddoni gets pretty big, right? My system might not be so suitable for a big nem. Plus I think it eats smaller fish
  2. I am keeping a pair of clownfish in my tank, it is a new system and not very willing to try anemone as I am afraid it will get sucked into powerhead. Does anyone have any recommended alternative corals that my clownfish can host in? Preferably cheap and easier to keep than anemone Now at night my clownfish just sleep in the upper corner of the tank near my algae scraper, but I don't feel its right for them long-term, donno whether their sleep will be disturbed by lights in the room that are on until 2-3am .
  3. Hi, ups gain as I bought a frag rack from a fellow reefer but it won't stick to my glass. Anyone have magnet frag rack to sell? thank u
  4. I believe elegance is LPS stony coral, not softie? Nonetheless, looks amazing, so envious. How much did you pay for it?
  5. Hi, looking for a second hand frag rack, nothing fancy as I am on a budget. PM me with price, thank you
  6. Beautiful softie garden, great job! What type of zoas are those?
  7. Seems like quite a high-budget setup. I can offer some advice, but you probably know this if you've been researching: Starting with corals straight away can be risky, make sure your tank is done cycling and chemistry is stable, algal blooms under control etc before you start dumping in high $$$ corals Dosing will depend a lot on how many corals you have in your system and how quickly they are using up trace elements, so what is more important (to me) is regular monitoring and maintaining consistent parameters, instead of dosing without knowing how the water is changing Imo
  8. Those ice blue and golden zoas look great. Want to grow my own zoa garden as well!
  9. Anyone knows where to get sea lettuce and gracilaria? Hoping to diversify my refugium
  10. I went to Iwarna recently. They were selling red grape, red bamboo and one more expensive red macroalgae. Very pretty
  11. Agree with urchins. Blue tuxedo urchin has been known to wipe out green hair algae in reef tanks. As long as no copper or predators.
  12. Heard that as well, they are the most mild-mannered of all dottybacks, but can still be quite aggressive. My purple firefish quite big and was first to be added to the tank. Don't know whether I should risk it and add an orchid dotty.
  13. Yup. I'm looking for Half and Half. (C. dimidiata or C. iomelas). Got 2 species but they look the same to me, I just want the nice halfway black and white pattern. Anyone know where to buy?
  14. How likely is orchid dottyback going to fight with firefish?
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