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  1. Hi all, I have been using a Nyo Quantum for a few weeks. 2 weeks ago not sure what happened the skimmer went back to overflowing. Keep tuning and tuning can't get it right. This morning I just soaked in a new brand of filter sock I was trying and the whole thing kee siao again. I was thinking of giving the BM Z6 a go. Was wondering if anyone has used it before?
  2. Sorry All for the late reply. Work took over. Hi Luenny, what kind of pump are you using? If I am not wrong you are using a red sea 200 xl right? I have the same sump so would like to see how you did your fuge and how to tumble. Hi Kenji, I have limited space so can't have an algae reactor. Hi Alvin, I got from FnM. They are having a mid year sale but too bad no stock. https://www.freshnmarine.com/products/tunze-led-eco-chic-refugium?_pos=108&_sid=21cda44ef&_ss=r
  3. Hi All, I got a batch of Chaeto from a kind reefer a few weeks back. I am using a tunze refugium light. The light just manages to light the surface of the chaeto. Then I repositioned the light to shine from the bottom. Still the same issue of the amount of light reaching the chaeto further away from the light. I noticed that some youtube videos show the chaeto tumbling and spinning. They say that the tumbling effect is from the flow of the water but given the constraints I have, I was wondering if I can create the same effect with a spray bar or use a bubble curtain? Anyone has tried these and how did you achieve it? Using air or water? Thank you.
  4. Hmmm OK. thanks. It kinda flattened out after I turned off the wave maker not swinging around like earlier. Will it be OK just to leave it to do it's thing?
  5. Hi all I got a small ricordea coral the other day. It was blowing in the current so much so like it would come off so I turned off the wave maker. Was wondering how I can secure it. I read somewhere that we cannot glue it but it will attach over time. I thought of leaving the wave maker off for a few days maybe weeks to see if it will secure on its own. What do you all think?
  6. Ah I see, I got the reef led which came with the tank.
  7. Haha it’s probably cos I have been looking at the same setup for the past month. You are probably using a red sea reef led90? My wife complained that the light was too strong so I had to lower the intensity. Won’t the cover block the heat vents of the light? Also, noticed that you are using a gyre pump. Heard from some lfs that the flow is too strong so decided to go with two wave makers instead.
  8. Thanks rob I did my first salt water mix so more confident to do it now.
  9. Thanks all. I will just need to monitor. What is the best salinity to keep for reef tanks in general and how may I reach it if it is too low?
  10. Hi All, Thanks for replying. Yeah I got the pen type because I was lazy, can just poke into the water and test. I also have the optical refractometer. So I took the advice of all and I tried this. While mixing a fresh batch of salt water for some new live stock. I tested the TDS and Salinity of my distilled water(Spritzer) and yielded TDS(1 ppm), Salinity(Digital - 1.000) and Salinity(Optical - 1.000) My tank water yields Salinity(Digital - 1.023) today and Salinity(Optical - 1.026). Is this counted as a big difference?
  11. This type https://www.freshnmarine.com/products/salinity-temperature-digital-tester?_pos=9&_sid=86f07ff9d&_ss=r
  12. I got a digital refracts meter from the lfs
  13. Hi All, I started out with a salinity level of 1.027 exactly a month ago and today my salinity level has fallen to 1.022. I have made some water changes to the tank so far with water I over bought from the LFS. I am wondering how I am losing salinity. I read online that there could be a leak which I find highly unlikely since there is no leaks detected. The other possible reason is salt creep and the protien skimmer. My protein skimmer only started stabilizing about a week ago and most times I have dumped the over skimming back into the tank. I have only cleared the skimmer cup once by throwing the water away since the skimmer activated. So could it be salt creep? Yesterday I did a small water change and the salinity went up to 1.023 and this morning fell back to 1.022. What should I do?
  14. Not my picture but Zoanthids are in my opinion the daisies of the sea.
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