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  1. It appears my ammonia has fallen to zero, but I am worried that the bacteria died during the 6-7 hours that the pumps were not working. Am I ready for fish? Ok so here is the creepy part. I can’t identify why the switches went off, but my wife who has heightened senses says there is a little girl spirit in my home. She is usually seen at my fresh water tank. But in recent days she is also spotted peeking into the marine tank. Because there is no other reason, we suspect it was her who played with the switches. She means no harm but I did say loudly that what she did would disrupt th
  2. Water test today. Something strange happened when I was at work. My Red Sea app sent me a prompt saying that my tank was not connected to the internet. I thought my family accidentally unplugged the modem so left it as it is and continued to work. When I came home I noticed that the switches to my light, return pump and wave makers were all switched off. I asked my family members if anyone had touched the switches and no one had done so. There is no way those switches were turned off by accident as they are tucked into a corner between the tank and the sofa. Creepy part of the story lat
  3. Latest water test. I hope that it is trending in the right direction. Wondering if I should start chaeto to remove the nitrate?
  4. Is this algae build up on the sand? It is closer to the window
  5. Noticed that these patches were spreading over my sand. Is it time for me to get a clean up crew in? And also yesterday’s numbers.
  6. Hi Jiaen, yeah I was not sure I should get the Hanna type testers since each one costs a bomb on their own. To top it off I am partially colour blind so I have to get the wife and daughter to read my readings for me. LOL. I did a test yesterday and the nitrate went through the roof. Will post the results later. I took out some water and will monitor how it goes. Resumed dropping food in. I was wondering if I could start chaeto to manage the nitrate levels a little. My protein skimmer is still off. Hi Rudz, I agree that the cycling is a test of patience. It doesnt help when your
  7. Congratulations on the newborns! Is there a way to sex the cardinals?
  8. My readings seem to be all over the place. I thought it was trending in the right direction but not sure why the readings are such. I did stop dropping fish food into the tank for 2 days so did the bacteria starve?
  9. Work life took over and I left the tank to run on it’s own for 2 days. Noticed this in the sand.
  10. Thanks jiaen I thought it might be bacterial in nature. Tank still looks the same since the last pictures. Post my latest water test results later. My lighting is at acclimate mode and very low till live stock goes in. There is tha grey area in the centre where the light does not seem to reach. I get quite abit of window light though. Was wondering what coral I could place there... also is my water classified as cloudy? I have chemipure blue in the sump since day one. edit added the water test numbers. Ammonia still 1 ppm. Nitrite appears to have gone up. Nitrate remains
  11. Thanks jiaen, I really hope to maximize my light area but now is still the early stages so I will work with what I have. thanks will look out for more dragon sps. :) Now monitoring the stability of the water. Ammonia apparently went down and nitrite went up by a bit. I noticed this white flaky thing on my tank equipment when I moved the wave maker. What is it?
  12. I got a teco chiller during the last sale.:)
  13. Thanks junhui.:) First tank water test. Ammonia is high. Tank has been sitting there for a week.
  14. Look very nice but my tank haven't cycle yet. Next time if I am ready I will look out for this.
  15. Thanks Otaku, I do intend to put a rock on the left side for a zoa island. The dome shape rock was supposed to be more to the right so that I could have a bigger zoa island. I am just disappointed that I can't maximise the lighted area to put corals esp the part in the last picture which is grey and shaded from the light. Not sure if there is any low light coral that I can place there. Don't worry about being artistic, I am also not really there. That's why seeking assurance that I can salvage this.
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