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  1. Hi All, I have 3 takers so will hold for a while. if I have more after giving out will post.
  2. Hi All, I forgot to switch off my refugium light and the chaeto went into overdrive. So I have about 2-3 helpings of chaeto to give away. Might have some tisbe pods in it as I seeded the refugium earlier last month. Collect at 544291 Any donations of spare zoa frags is welcome.
  3. Thanks all. I tried the TP link brand from Challenger. Have to set up to try.
  4. Hi All, Pardon my absence from the forum for some time. I was busy trying to focus on stabilizing my tank. I have been using this Tuya brand smart plugs from Lazada to turn on my Fuge lights. Yesterday another smart plug failed me again. I have as many as 4 of these lying dead around the house. Can I get some advice as to a good brand of smart plugs to get? Hopefully something fairly priced that can last beyond a few months. Thank you.
  5. Hi All, yes the ammonia seems out of place. I don't think I have anything dead in the tank. My fish are doing fine and accounted for actually. Am running a chiller and am using a test pen for my Salinity and temperature measurements. Never done a icp test since I thought the tank is still less than a year old.
  6. Hi schwantz, the measurement is in ppm. Oh yes one thing that happened over the week I realized that my lighting had reset to 100% rather than be in acclimatization mode. That could have stressed the corals out earlier.
  7. Thanks alypapa, but I have to hold for a bit. This month I want to solve my tank situation first.
  8. Hi nazreen, yeah changed some of the water and the alkalinity has since fallen. But situation still the same. Corals unhappy. Anemone actually split, thought it was a good thing but apparently not. Numbers over the past few days, they seem stable so not sure what I am doing wrong.
  9. I recently started getting some sps to try in my tank. As you can tell from the title you know the turn out wasn’t good. But not only were the introduced sps corals having trouble, I noticed that my existing softies were also not happy about something. A Duncan that I had for some time dropped two heads yesterday and my zoa has been clamped up. I am not sure of the fox face and the hawk fish I have could have knocked the polyps off since they like to sit in the Duncan. Hope to find out why. My numbers over the past few days are below. Some changes I made to the tank were adding a pellet reactor(followed the advice and only added a third of the recommended pellets) also added a RBTA which made its way around the tank hassling corals along the way until it settled in its current position…. Hope I can get some thoughts. Oh yes I did add some carbo calcium yesterday so the jump on alk and calcium is there.
  10. Hi Alypapa and Slimymadness, thanks for your messages. My budget for this month overshot already. maybe see next month if the corals stabilise I might bump this thread up again.
  11. For me I think the lesson was not to get such young one when I was just starting out.
  12. Hi all, I recall recently there was a discussion about mass purchasing light shades for tank lights. Was wondering if anyone has tried to get shades for the Red Sea Reef LED90. My wife says it is too bright for her, but I fear I have to dial up my lighting soon in preparation for other corals.
  13. HI All, I am thinking of trying some cheap easy SPSes with nice colour patterns. Some SPSes I had eyes on are Rastafarian/Pink/Radioactive Birdnest, Fibre Optics Pocci, mermaids, staghorns. I am not sure if these are cheap or easy but look quite nice. I am also still working on building a zoa garden so may consider some multi polyp frags of big zoas. Not keen on Palys because worried about the Palytoxin. Due to some travel restrictions imposed by the wife hope to be able to deal near Sengkang area. Punggol is also ok. If you are not in the regions above but willing to deliver to my place, I am willing to foot a small sum for the delivery if I feel the cost is fair. Intend to set aside a small fund monthly to get some frags so will bump this up monthly especially if I have extra time that month to mess with the tank. Do PM me with the price and some pictures of the frags you can sell. I will try to reply to all I get messages from, but no obligations on buying ok? Thank you for your attention.
  14. Thanks DT, I took a plastic box I got from Japan Home that can open up into two platforms.
  15. Thanks Mahesh, For the skimmer one recent development is I got fed up with tuning the dials because it continued to overflow. So lifted the skimmer physically and noted the height out of the water that would produce the ideal skimmate and placed a platform under the skimmer. Am waiting for my skimmer stand to come. Not sure if I am doing the right thing but there you go...
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