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  1. Hi all, due for another round of chaeto giving our. Same as above in the time for collection and please pm me to arrange. Some donations of corals are appreciated but not a necessity.
  2. I was trying to find a random flow generator nozzle for my outlets but can't seem to find. Do you know where I might get one?
  3. Hi All, Wanted do a drip filtration system with drawer compartments to try to remove more of my solid wastes via filter cotton. Was wondering if anyone knows of a place where they can cut and build to size? Cheap prices would be nice else I need to get from overseas.
  4. Thanks Sky. happy to help a neighbour. Stay tuned.
  5. Hi Skytrain, so sorry gave out one bulk. Have to wait for another month or so.
  6. I should be due for another give away. Same as always. 2-3 helpings. Contact me if you wish to get some. Donations of corals welcome. GO!
  7. I have another round of Chaeto to give out. 1 - 2 helpings because I already have one taker. Same as above welcoming donations of spare corals, would love Zoas and pulsing xenia(attached to small rocks if possible), cloves, lumi leathers but others are worth a try. A nice to have but not required. Please PM me. I have gone back to full time at office work so may need to coordinate the giving out of chaeto to evenings.
  8. I have quite a bit of detritus settling on the rockscape. I have snails moving around cleaning the walls but I would like to get something that works well with the upper half of the rockscape. Any suggestions?
  9. two more helpings avaialble
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