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  1. Goodness! is that a chilling coil in your sump?
  2. Hi All, hoping to start my tank over the next few months. Have a query about RODI systems. I know this is a debated topic but are they absolutely necessary in Singapore since our tap water is actually quite potable? Also my family has been using one of those clamp onto the tap water filters, the device is starting to show signs of age and the filter cartridge is getting harder to find. So there was an idea to get a system that can also serve to provide water to the family. Is there such devices available in the market so I can one leg kick provide water for my tank and also for drinki
  3. Haiz, now trying to review the price of the tank setup. Thats why asking for inputs on the equipment in another thread.
  4. But I cannot tahan... the pretty colors...
  5. Hi Jiaen, thanks for the pointers and I see where you are coming from. I had a freshwater tank that I managed to maintain with just plants managing my nitrate levels so I have fallen in love with this approach to nutrient management. Was hoping to do the same with the refugium. But your points are duly noted.
  6. Hi so sorry late to the party. what is that device you are using in the second and third picture? Is it like a refugium of sorts? Where can I get something like this?
  7. Thank you for the reply. hmmm really trying to get a small footprint skimmer so that I can still do the refugium and that bubble magus Z looked like it really fit the bill. Not much reviews on the internet about it though.
  8. Thanks Evolutionz, that BubbleMagus Skimmer looks like it was made for that little corner! But does it get in the way of your ATO reservoir? Edit : I noted that you took it out later. Any reviews on it?
  9. Thanks this is useful. I found it interesting that some fishes that are commonly labeled as peaceful are labeled as semi-aggressive instead in this list. This corroborates with the feedback I have seen on the internet about some of these peaceful fishes.
  10. Thanks Joseph and yes I was eyeing that because I saw one guy on youtube who was using that and could partition off a space for the refugium. Just that my planned budget overshot with all the wants and wish lists. So was thinking if I can dial back on some of the big ticket items would be nice.
  11. Hi Joseph, thanks for your pointers. I did look at the Red Sea Skimmers and noted that they tended to have big foot prints that took up a large portion of the skimmer chamber where I want to place a small refugium so thought of going for a skimmer which took up less space.
  12. Hi All, I am hoping to set up a Red Sea Reefer 200XL in the near future. I discovered that the set ups don't include the return pump and the skimmer are not included. Looking for advice on the equipment I can consider based on the following criteria for a budget conscious new reefer. Return Pump - Red Sea website suggested a 2000L per hour pump. I would like something that is quiet and performs well. Skimmer - would like to get one with a smaller footprint that won't take up too much space in the sump as I hope to have a refugium in the sump as well. Should be quiet. Not su
  13. Thanks for the idea. I was getting alot of inspirations through Youtube. I thought this video was quite helpful with the use of the color wheel to match zoas so that the garden pops. https://youtu.be/VRrtO973LsQ Now looking at getting a tank first but I think my initial plans burst my intended budget.
  14. When I finally set up my tank I hope to have a moderately sized island of 4 or so different types of zoas but there are some many and so many names that I can't choose... Is there a website with a comprehensive list of zoas, their pictures and also their care needs that I can refer to?
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