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  1. LSJK

    WTG Cheato

    Collection at 271013. Holland drive. Freshly harvest
  2. Thanks. Just added rbta few weeks back. From 1 to 2.5 now...
  3. Hi, looking for stable blue tang. Looking for size below 2 inch. Thanks
  4. Yes still available. Buyer backed out
  5. Forget to add. Pellet trained and eat like pig. Price $20
  6. Pellet feed and healthy Singapore angelfish for sale. Reason for sale: targeted by my tang
  7. Hi, I have a tuxedo urchin to give away. Prior go to those who can collect it asap. Collection at Holland drive.
  8. Hi, anyone harvesting chaeto? Also selling rbta? Please let me know. Thanks
  9. Hi, I'm currently keeping 2ft FOWLR tank without chiller. However I have fan that keeps my tank at 28.5 degree. Thinking of adding hardy anemone or soft coral. Please advise which is the lower maintenance kind to add without special dosing or feeding requirements? Thanks
  10. Yeah sometimes might be due to stress. Try to keep it in isolation box and see if it eat before releasing. Releasing them too early will be hard to catch if they don't eat or chase by other fish. Somehow my gsp is always the go to food for new fishes in my tank. They tend to eat it first before going to pellet and mysis. At least 4 angel does that.. alternatively can try lala with half shelf, recommended by many reefer
  11. I'm new to this hobby too. Lesson learnt is to do water change before any medicine or catching the fish which will stress them out. Keep changing water every other day or 2 to 3 days
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