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  1. Hi, looking for above testers. Pm me your price, %left and collection point. Thanks
  2. Hi looking for easy coral like leather or toadstool. Please pm me. Thanks
  3. Hi, Brand new (seal) 500ml Brightwell microbacter7 going for $35, brand new (seal) 500ml Red sea AB+ at $28. Reason for sales, duplicate purchase. Used Glamorca GP03 gyre pump going for $90
  4. Hi, Selling one spot fox face. Around 3-3.5 inch. With me for half a year, fat and eating everything. Selling to reduce bioload. Location: Holland Drive Whatsapp me at: 8725440nine
  5. How big is ur tank? Any coral for sale?
  6. Haha not so complicated bro. Try it out
  7. You select for temperature probe switch in Google. Have many options. Then just attach ur fan that's it One from Lazada: https://s.lazada.sg/s.ZqGIp
  8. Wow pro. Without chiller too? What's your temperature? Have fish? White prawn meat? From market uh?
  9. It's a temperature probe connected to my fan. Once temperature hits the higher temperature I set, it will turn on and auto off when it reached my lower temperature set.
  10. LSJK

    WTG Cheato

    Collection at 271013. Holland drive. Freshly harvest
  11. Thanks. Just added rbta few weeks back. From 1 to 2.5 now...
  12. Hi, looking for stable blue tang. Looking for size below 2 inch. Thanks
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