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  1. wow good job on the DIY Cabinet! nice laminate work
  2. I think it may rust but only if you gash through the surface pretty deep. otherwise the coating should be thick enough to keep the elements out
  3. Hi Caleb - I got my steel/sheet metal cabinet from Taobao, custom sized to my requirement ~6'x2'x3' cost plus shipment ~<$450. Happy to share the link if required
  4. Hi Shawn - though wood may be the cheaper option to go with do consider durability as a factor. Wooden fibers do fray over time from drippage from the tank and humidity from climate. Understand the budget constraints but you may be able to find steel/sheet metal options on TaoBao. Can consider that option too
  5. Sorry, am not sure how to embed a YouTube video here Let me know what you guys think
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