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  1. Yea on the UV subject, I am not sure how much it helps but so far, does no harm. I did got hit with dino and the UV did suppress the outbreak but did not help eliminate (I think mine is the ones that stayed on the surface). Like you said, bottomless pit..haha. I might introduce another fish and that's about it...focus my time on corals.
  2. Haha...i watch quite a bit reviews on Varios....quit overkill but again, keep you in peace of mind and that priceless. Yea - i usually go SAS for their fishes as I don't have a quarantine tank and really can't afford getting cheaper and risk getting ich. I have another empty tank that i could use but the issue is the chiller...like you said bottomless pit so i choose to pay a bit more for the fish. For the rest of the items, really hit & miss...sometimes they can match and sometimes its quite pricey compare to ABA, ReefMarket etc. i'll get a Jebao and let you know. There is a new MDP model which does Wifi...might get that one..
  3. Yep…i am considering Jebao DCP-6500. Have u used this before? Painful for wallet but seems good reviews and for its features and power, cobsider cheap..This should give me a lot of headroom and if CFO approves another upgrade in the future, i could reuse it. Calculating the headloss, i will still get about 2000 - 3000lph which is about 20 - 30 times if max speed and as you said, DC is quieter and allows me to adjust the speed lower if need be I wonder when I can stop spendibg money..haha. Just went to SAS and they have a lot of nice tangs
  4. Bro Just to update - splitting to two pumps helped! The return pump flow is still kinda weak due to the UV so I had to turn the valve and pump until max..so I will need to upgrade my pump at some point but no more noisy overflow Chiller is on another small pump and that is also just nice…so might upgrade the return pump and use it for the chiller
  5. Thanks bro. This is very insightful. I think the first thing i will do is to try to split the flow 1. Return pump for my UV 2. Another pump just for chiller within the sump I was afraid of efficiency on point 2 but glad to know that folks are doing it so i think i should try that and see if the flow increases for my return pump - i am almost certain Will update
  6. Yea i saw some tutorials on that but honestly, i am not sure i am such a handyman to do piping works. Do you know if anyone / shop that does that? I will keep this as a third option as i imagine that i have to do it sooner or later
  7. Wondering if any of the bros here faced similar issue I have a RedSea Reefer Nano with overflow with the sump. If anyone uses RedSea Reefer before, you know that getting the overflow quiet is not something straight forward..in short, you need to make sure the water level in your main tank is high enough so it is a balanced between adjusting your return pump speed & tightening the overflow valve. During my initial tank cycle, it was all good. I manage to adjust my pump speed and my overflow valve and everything is good and quiet...the issue started is when i start adding stuffs to my tank.. I added an additional UV Sterilizer & Chiller into the same return pump flow and the flow is. 1. Return Pump @ Sump to UV 2. UV to Chiller 3. Chiller to Main Tank 4. Main Tank Overflow back to Sump Once i set that up, my overflow is getting noisy as the water level is too low. I have even tighten the overflow valve to the max (which slows the overflow speed to sump) but still it did not help...so the issue is definitely with water not getting back from the sump to the main tank fast enough. The other thing i want to highlight is with the tube sizes...the pump and everything else uses the 22mm but i had to convert to 16mm for my chiller and back to 22mm (not sure if that impacts the flow rate for the pump) 1. My pump is doing 1200l/h so for my tank size, i think it is good enough or do i need a stronger pump with the UV and Chiller addition? 2. Or should i set up a different pump just for the chiller or UV. My only worry is efficiency as it will be circulating the water in the sump although the return pump should circulate the water between the main tank & sump..
  8. Selling my nano tank. Used for 4 months (upgraded to 20G tank) - Fluval Evo 13.5 (no dents / scratches on glass etc). Just cleaned up tank. Comes with original pump, PS2 Skimmer & Cover - $170 - Intank Chamber 2 Media Basket - $50 PM me if keen. Transport can be arranged.
  9. Leather Coral Reserved Left with 1. Medium Serpent Starfish (see pict) - 1 stripe of 5 yakults
  10. Got these when i bought a second hand tank from an awesome reefer. I have too many livestock in my current tank so giving them away to a new home. All i ask is some Yakult for the trouble that I went to migrate these 1. Medium Serpent Starfish (see pict) - 1 stripe of 5 yakults 2. Finger Leather Coral (see pict) - 3 stripe of 5 yakults Collection @ Dairy Farm Road area. I will put them in a zip lock bag for easy collection
  11. Selling my 6 months old Seneye Reef as I am no longer using it Also selling the Intel Compute Stick which you can use as a server for your Seneye Reef, instead of buying their wifi bundle.. Seneye Reef - 200 Compute Stick - 50 Bundle 240 Keen, PM me.
  12. Brand new - just opened to check but basically received today from Amazon. Selling at cost price which is 280. RFS: Bought the wrong one - did not account for the mount. Fixed! Not local set..from Amazon US!
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