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  1. thx for your advice. decided to mount my 52hd with AI ext rail ,15 inches above the tank, would love to hear from you about the DIY diffuser. heard from my friend SLW10s flow is way too strong for 45cm cube, so going to drop that and add innovative marine spin stream nozzle instead. Since the nozzle will reduce the flow dramatically, going to run with Jebao DCP-5000, hope 5000lph will be sufficient to circulatethrough chiller and the spin stream nozzle. My tank will be arriving on 2~5may so i still have time to make amendments but now i have another problem, gotta convince my boss
  2. Used to run a 150cm mixed reef few years back and after a long hiatus, decided to set up a 45cm cube in my office. Tank Spec will be Display: 45cm x 45cm x 45cm Sump: 40cm x 40cm x 30cm Total Water volume= roughly 140l Filtration Rock: CaribSea Liferock Shape 10kg Skimmer: Bubble Magus curve 5 Mechanical Filtration: Standard filter sock Chemical Media: Chemi Pure Blue. Accesorries Chiller: Hailea HS 28-a Wave Pump: Jebao SLW 10 Planning to keep around 4 small sized fishes, softies and LPS. Not planning to do SPS( can't manage
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