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  1. Anyone know of a service to borrow a PAR meter? Tinkered abit with lighting output to ensure they aren't burning stuff. But as im slowly stocking up with corals, want to measure PAR just to take a weight off my shoulders .so far i have some zoas and LPS and they seems to do be doing well.
  2. Tank was built by vincent @aquariumartist External overflowbox at the rear, very clean build and is running dead silent.
  3. Update. Tank is been running for a month and starting to stock slowly. Thanks to all the reefers out there for helping me with the equipment selection and advice. Should i lower my light? Its currently sitting at 44cm above the tank because i was concerned that 52HD is too large for a nano and would eventually burn everything in the tank, but now i have the other concern that there wont be sufficient light for the corals placed in middle~ low section.
  4. thx for your advice. decided to mount my 52hd with AI ext rail ,15 inches above the tank, would love to hear from you about the DIY diffuser. heard from my friend SLW10s flow is way too strong for 45cm cube, so going to drop that and add innovative marine spin stream nozzle instead. Since the nozzle will reduce the flow dramatically, going to run with Jebao DCP-5000, hope 5000lph will be sufficient to circulatethrough chiller and the spin stream nozzle. My tank will be arriving on 2~5may so i still have time to make amendments but now i have another problem, gotta convince my boss not to keep a blue tang in the tank. He wants to keep a pair of clown and a blue tang , but i'm very reluctant to keep a blue tang in 45cm cube. "45 cm cube isn't big enough for a [dory] to live " didn't work out, so gotta find another reason. He's also interested with keeping corals so perhaps I could say stuff like Blue Tang's gonna eat all the corals to convince him? ( i know they usually don't, but on very rare occasion, they do)
  5. Used to run a 150cm mixed reef few years back and after a long hiatus, decided to set up a 45cm cube in my office. Tank Spec will be Display: 45cm x 45cm x 45cm Sump: 40cm x 40cm x 30cm Total Water volume= roughly 140l Filtration Rock: CaribSea Liferock Shape 10kg Skimmer: Bubble Magus curve 5 Mechanical Filtration: Standard filter sock Chemical Media: Chemi Pure Blue. Accesorries Chiller: Hailea HS 28-a Wave Pump: Jebao SLW 10 Planning to keep around 4 small sized fishes, softies and LPS. Not planning to do SPS( can't manage all the hassles to keep them in my office) as for now, but who knows? might do 1 or 2 small frags. Need advise on 1. Return Pump It will be connected to a Hailea HS28-a from the sump, thinking of using 2000l/hr capacity AC pump from the total volume of my tank, but unsure if it's gonna work. need a suggestion. 2.Lighting I currently have AI Hydra 52 HD used on my previous tank sleeping in my store room, and planning to use that. But i'm concerned that it might be an over kill for a size of my tank. Is it fine to run 52HD on such a small tank or I should get a new light? Really want to utilize what I have now Bro/Sis out there, please enlighten me on above 2 topics and of course, any other suggestions are appreciated as well. Cheers! =)
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