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  1. Hi All offering everything, coral, fish, equipment, food, supplies ect for $1000 if sold as set. No Delivery included
  2. Hi All I have had fun learned lots but its come time to give up the hobby. Please whatsapp your offer: (92320153) 4 Nemo fish 2 Bengali 7 green chromas 1 Yellow Fox Face 1 Vlamingi Tang 1 Purple Tang 1 Convict Tang 1 Blue Starfish 1 red coris wrasse 1 lawnmower Blenny 1 six line Wrasse 1 Sea Hare 1 12cm Clam 1 orange spotted Blenny (friendly fish) 1 green clown goby 1 blue tang 1 sand star 1 boxer shrimp 2 dragonets various corals and live rock Main Tank 91cm x 56cm x 56cm Sump 60cm x 45cm x 45cm wavemaker - Jebao MCP120 Aqua forest 110 for GFO Lights - Orphek Atlantic v1 return pump - Jebao DCP5000 skimmer - Aqua-excel new stainless steel hinges 80% salt Haelier HS-66A chiller 5 stage Rodi with high flow kit various odds and ends, corals food, meds ect half of these corals are not there any more. whatsapp for updated pic
  3. Just took an updated photo
  4. Hi All I have not posted for a while but I have been very busy with the tank and Work. Since I last posted I added quite a few changes: I have battled through some Algae: added a refugium feeding less dosing NOPOX (Phosphate is still high) started a Tang Gang Trying to get the feeding right (any advice is welcome especially if I could get away from daily feeding): Frozen Mysis (2 blocks daily) clams (2 twice a week) Vitals Pellets (Every second day) Algae Flakes, Marine Grazer supplement if algae is starting to look min Seaweed Extreme (once a week) New Live stock: 4 Nemo fish Yellow Fox Face Long nose Butterfly Vlamingi Tang Purple Tang Convict Tang Black Tip Red Starfish wrasse lawnmower Blenny 6 line Wrasse Sea Hare 1 cleaner shrimp 2 medium hermit crabs Clam New Corals: quite a few New Equipment: wavemaker - Jebao MCP120 Aqua forest 110 for GFO Monitoring System is waiting for parts but is starting to take shape. I'll share more at a later stage.
  5. All taken. Thank you
  6. Hi all I have 4 Monti pices to give to new homes. One per SRC Member. First to collect. If you have any frags you want to swap with me feel free to do so. Near Farrer Road MRT 9one320one53 whatsapp
  7. Sold to a friendly new reefer and src member.
  8. Hi all I am selling a complete Nano tank setup. S$200 sold as set. Set consists of: Crystal Glass Tank (60×30x36 - L×W×H) (6mm thick) (blue background)(coralline growing on the back) Live sand(filled with good nitrifying bacteria) Live rocks (also have some additional previously live rocks to choose from) Dymax Spacex Reef Light HOB Filter - Seachem Tidal 35 (w/ 100g purigen bag - 1 mth old, Matrix included) Oceanfree Surfclear - surface skimmer Jebao SOW-4 Wavemaker Egg crate with 6 Acrylic cover support (Used as cover to prevent fish from jumping out) Nano Flipper magnet glass cleaner Salt Whatsapp on nine232015three
  9. FrankenTank is Cycled but first some updates, the chiller I spent all that time hardpiping has been removed, it creates heat in the room which only works if the room air is being cycled which it is not at night. I run the aircon in the room 24/7 to maintain temp, its my office as well so I am there most of the time anyway. (you are welcome to convince me on a better solution) I have added some livestock to the tank over the week: 1 orange spotted Blenny (friendly fish) 1 sand sifting goby 1 green clown goby 1 blue tang 1 copper band (eating mysis like a champ) 1 sand star 2 snails 1 boxer shrimp 1 cleaner shrimp 2 medium hermit crabs some corals Equipment: Lights - Orphek Atlantic return pump - Jebao DCP5000 skimmer - Aqua-excel wavemaker - who knows, cheapie thing while waiting for new ones Monitoring - custom Arduino with probes (PH and temp so far) next: crossflow and wavemaker pumps (ordered) diy refugium auto topup auto water change? dosing system? more automation
  10. Hi all I am looking for a Yellow Hawaiian Tang. Please pm if you are letting one go
  11. I plan to use the chiller loop to also feed water to reactors in future. That and the original pipes were leaking lol
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