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  1. Looking for a proven aipstasia eating copperband. Please pm me if selling. Thanks
  2. Looking for the above. Kindly pm if available for sale. Thank you
  3. Looking for 1 pc, please pm me if u are selling. Thank you
  4. - Fluval 13.5 set comes with LED marine light and pump - Fluval Mini Skimmer - Solid type cabinet Used ard 9mths and recently upgraded to a bigger Redsea Tank hence selling this one. No livestock, just the above mentioned equipment. Will throw in some marinepure media. $280 for this plug & play set Self collect from my place @ 563588
  5. Still under warranty and comes with the box. Collect @ 563588 WS 9878885O to deal $380
  6. Selling a good condition PH Meter for $60 Just changed to Pinpoint meter and calibrated this one. Collect at 563588
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