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  1. Selling the Copper QT set (Cupramine 250 ml + Copper test kit) for only $35! 90% left. Deal at bukit panjang/bishan/payar lebar MRT
  2. VID_20211206_204625.mp4 Reluctantly letting go of this cute baby regal for $55. With me for 3 months and feeding on mysis pellets, hikari seaweed extreme and frozen mysis. Letting go cos it sometimes nip at SPS corals causing them not to open up (they don't die but less polyp extension) Never touched the hammer/torch/blasto/gonio/mushroom/leathers/gorgonian in my tank. Dealxat bukit panjang or bishan on some wkdays.
  3. The color is red under blue light and orangey red with whiter light. Green body.
  4. Selling bubble tip anemone to make room for more other corals. Small (a bit bigger than 50c coin side) - $5 Medium (about 7-8 cm across) - $20 Deal at bukit panjang or meet at bugis mrt (on certain weekdays) Take both for $22.
  5. currently reserved pending collection
  6. Selling the angelfish as it was bullied by another angel in tank. QT'd for 2 weeks prior and now back QT holding tank. $25 only. Deal at bukit panjang or can meet at bugis/woodlands mrt.
  7. All corals sold! Thank you and sorry for those whom I did not reply to.
  8. Oh yeah collection in bukit panjang. Hi all thank you for your PM. Priority will be given to reefers who collect all corals and I'll reply if there is still corals available. Thank you!
  9. Selling off these excess corals in my display tank. 1. Red and green eyes War coral (favites) 3.5 cm across - $10 2. Fluted Moon Coral 5 cm across - $15 3. One head green hammer - $15 (the one on top in pic) 5. Green trachy (with red border developing as seen in pic) 8 cm across - $45 Take all for $70.
  10. Same here just fan on hot days but i have added hammers, birdnests and a gonio too
  11. I would like to know if angels like to eat softies toO! Or anemones!
  12. we cannot have more than one toadstool in a tank?
  13. As mentioned, Anyone has recommendations for cheaper but still ok salt mix just for QT tank for fishes?
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