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  1. looking for IM 10, Waterbox 10, Waterbox peninsula etc. Pm me if u have any other AIO tank
  2. pm me if you are selling flame angel
  3. pm me if you are selling waterbox cube 10gallon. best if it is in 9/10 condition
  4. fire digi -left $10 -right $8 both for $15 hammer wall - $70 (8-9cm open) deal at amk ave 6
  5. prefer gsp on frag plug , pls pm me if u have gonio or gsp
  6. looking for “high end” sps such as pikachu, angry bird etc
  7. Please pm if you have a pair of designer clowns
  8. i am interested in your powder blue
  9. kjw


    what uv is good for 3ft tank
  10. pls pm me if you have a pair of designer clowns
  11. kjw


    my sump is not big enough to put a refugium
  12. kjw


    what are the must to have other than skimmer in your sump
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