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  1. I stop for 2 years already! Too many hobbies...........fishing, photography and with 3 kids around hav to give up golfing too
  2. Nope, but it my siblings business. Me just help out here and there.
  3. For you SURE! Just let me noe when you coming will let my Bro noe.
  4. Thanks Guys, do hope that you all can support. All the equipment are new!! And please do spread this new studio to your fellow kaki. Check it out, we got 2 portable guitar tuner.
  5. Thanks, you all can go to website www.studioqunlimited.com.sg
  6. Sorry I down have currently. Most of the guitar are Fender and Epiphone, the amplifier are few ranging from Marshal, Ashdown and Life6. Lan, why dont you brings you kaki down to check it out.
  7. Not to sure but got mixer and all the amps. Those are the colour of the room too, hehehe!
  8. Currently only cash. They just start out.
  9. Hi All, Those reefers into jamming, my siblings just open one at No 50A prinsep street.
  10. Both Tunze reserved by SS. Will let post if buyer back out.
  11. Sorry, tunze 6060 for 50 bucks each!
  12. I still have 2 nos of tunze 6060 for sale at $50 buck w/o magnetic. No bargain. 1 big pump do know what brand, use to pump water in the tank during water change to give away. 1 big red tub pail to give away. Some other things to give away which i kept. Thought of coming back later after decom my big tank but it will take years before I start again.
  13. Chiller Sold. Thanks for all the interest and happy reefing to all reefers. Might just come back to this hobby at later stage.
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