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  1. All pmed reply. Pump not included, can use Rio 26 or equivalent.
  2. Thank Bro, My family dont have interest in my tank and the last time ask my maid to do it and luckily slight overdose, dare not to ask her to top-up alk...... Maybe I am to lazy, fine it to troublesome routine, seldom LFSing and even monthly reef thing also buy online..
  3. AquaC 200 at $120 only, used it for 2years and now in the storeroom. Want clear it as soon as possible or can trade with Co2 big cylinder withselonoid valve.
  4. Selling 250w Single end DIY set with spider reflector. Set already dismantle and good working condition. No pix, but potential buyer can view and test first before commit. Or trade with ehiem 1250..
  5. Not necessary to have Calcium Reactor but inconvinience. I using oversize RM CR till my pump give up on me 2 mth back. And been dozing Kent turbo calcium every day, and I realised that it easier to maintain it to 450+- but have to be daily routine. Problem is, what if Im outstation or go for vacation................. For me I will go for CR if you are into SPS.
  6. Thanks Jem, It really hot when turn-on.
  7. Interested to view, please PM, I will not post my address and tel no.
  8. Me stay in the North, Woodlands.
  9. Might consider barter trade with corals................
  10. Upgrading soon and selling 2 DIY 250w SE set. DE set with spider reflector at $70 and normal DIY set at $40. Sorry no pix but free to view at my place. Will be dismantle this weekend so those who want see while it function, pls pm.
  11. Bro, how many figurine do have exactly? And can list down the name, my freind is interested. Thanks
  12. I start with 2nos of 150w mh with 2nos of t5 for my previous 4x2x2 sps tank it started fine but after 2 mnth most of my sps turn dull and start to brown out. The intensity of 150w is not sufficient if you go for full sps unless you focus on locating directly under it. Futher to that the illumination will not give you a wide and fluent spread to cover the whole tank. I reckon that the best solution if you gonna to stick with 150w, add- in more T5 as 2 nos really insufficient to keep the sps healthy and maintaining the colour not forgeting good growth rate. I know a reefer using just t5(8 tubes) for his sps tank. For me, In using 3x 250w with 2 t5 actinic for my 4'x2.5'x2' currently.
  13. Im using 3/4 Hp for my 4x2.5x2 Sps tank with 3nos 250w Mh. Start to kick-in every 5hrs without light and 2-3hrs during photo period. Good economical chiller with reliable service.
  14. Even worst is the shark killer................... Killing shark for the fin only. Dont eat shark fin soup!!!!!
  15. 14k collected. 10k 2nos and 20k still available, no need tokenlah. Those who interested please pm me.
  16. N03 testkit reserved, kalkwesser and Ph testkit still available. Thanks
  17. Just want to clear some stuff which I dont use 1. No3 salifert test kit, still have more than 1/2 @ $ 5.00 2. PH salifert test kit, hardly use as I have PH monitor. @ $ 5.00 3. Reefez Kalkwesser, new and unopen @ $15.00 Collection at Woodlands St32.
  18. Hi Reefer, I have 2nos 10k, 1 no 14k(blue) and 1 20k blue to give away for a token of 1 brine shrimp each. All bulb used about 8 months only and still good for another 4 month. Collection in woodlands.
  19. Dorado

    250w MH bulb

    Hi Reefer, I have 2 nos 10k, 1no 14k bulb(blue) to give away, for token of a pack brine shrimp each. All SE bulb used for 8 mnth only.
  20. Bro Soul, now you have alot of buddy and more to come.......
  21. This is not monti but cup coral or tubirinara.
  22. Bro, your work place got opening or not? Can pick up some chio coral, no need to buy.. Saw the squirel fish, I suggest you get rid of it as you have invertebrate and small fishes. This hungry burger is not reef safe, you will find lesser inhabitant in due time.
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