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  1. Wow your corals really grows fast! Nice!
  2. Added a blue tang and algae benny and dwarf hermit crab and some snails. The hermit crab and some snails didn’t make it. Fish still ok… algae seemed to be in control now….
  3. DIY convection cooling for water change…
  4. IMG_7697.MOV Any hope to repair this cheaply because the chiller only cost $100 plus. Not worth it if going to spend $100 plus to repair. Can only hear clicking sound now. Fan not spinning. Thanks.
  5. Removed the cover to allow better exchange of air as I measured the pH with a cheap pH pen and realised the reading is low at about 7.6. Going to add more snails and maybe a shrimp or fish thereafter. The centre piece coral (sold to me as a gonio) refuses to open up and hide inside its shell… Some Zoas refuse to open as well.
  6. Added a black mesh above the cover to reduce light intensity to combat diatoms and bleached sps frags, added a nassarius snail to do some pellet feeding and a red strip Trochus snail to combat diatoms…. Changed the chiller pump to an external pump… let’s see if the diatoms issue can be controlled and the bleached sps frags can be rescued….
  7. Ok what about a clean up crew type of fish to control population of pest such as aiptasia, worm, bug, pods? Any good one like goby that can control? Thanks.
  8. I started a 1 feet cube tank with mainly coral frags and some live rocks inside with a layer of sand bed. Doing 5%-10% weekly change with temperature hovering around 26-27 degree. Feeding my coral once a week at ~1/2 the daily dose recommended. I am thinking maybe eventually to add a small team of clean up crew of 01x fish 01x shrimp and 01x snail and maybe 01x something else and feed them some pallets to supplement as coral food as well. Any suggestion for suitable crew members? Thank you.
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