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  1. Bought mine from Coral farm. I think it is like 2-3 dollar per piece. Looks like the same species as the gong gong sold at hawker centre. Interesting creature to watch. Thanks for all the information!
  2. Got back in the hobby after many many years. Used the caribsea shapes for my new tank which is around a few months old. Fish only tank, but planning to have some simple corals when i have the time. So far it is a positive experience, no major algae outbreaks, but i am using GFO ever since i added water in the tank. I simply rinse them in RO water to get rid of the dust and throw them in the tank. The purple colour will fade a bit after 2-3 months, which personally i am not too concern with. Box comes with arches and caves, and it makes the aquascape relatively easier. Only negative
  3. Hi everyone, Just a quick check if tiger conch or fighting conch are available at our LFS. If you have seen one recently at any LFS, pls let me know. Thanks Rick
  4. I guess i went to the wrong side instead of the right side... Thanks again!
  5. Thanks man. Was there a few days, but the door was closed and no one around. Sounds like a stupid question, facing the main gate, they are on the left or the right?
  6. Hi all, Like to check which LFS have live copepods for sale? Preferably in the west side. Thanks!
  7. Hi Solo, thanks for the info! No time to drop by the shop yet so just browse through their website to take a look.. Are you referring to the DE rocks? Are these also similar to the ceramic rock from Germany? Any chance you are also using them? Cheers Rick
  8. Good day everyone. Currently planning for the most difficult part of the tank.... aquascaping. Check with you guys, which LFS currently got a good selection of dry rocks? Those man-made ceramic rocks also can. Not planning to use live rock as it has too many unknowns. With dry rocks can plan the scape outside the tank and then slowly move into the tank itself. After cycling of the tank, just thown in a small piece of live rock for seeding. Thanks in advance!
  9. Good day! Thanks for the replies. Paid the deposit to CRA for the tank. But i have not confirm the final size and design yet. Not the cheapest but I think wont go wrong with them. Again I am a DIY person, so i only need a good basic tank and cabinet. The rest of the setup I will do myself. I guess different makers cater to different requirements. So pay them a visit at the shop and understand what services if they can provide!
  10. Hi Jeebusai, Thanks for the reply. Spot on with your comments, waiting time for Reefer 250 is 2 months. And i prefer to have the sump and piping made to my design. Again the Reefer tanks are beautiful with the rimless design, but i may not be able to spare the time needed to maintain the look. Cabinet wise, with a 24" width, hopefully i can squeeze more things inside! I have emailed a few makers in Singapore and a JB maker from facebook for quotes but all no reply yet. I don't mind paying for quality work but I hope not to kena chop carrot head. Let's see how things goes. Chee
  11. Thanks for the reply. Yup, for the tank and cabinet will be getting brand new. I went down to qian hu to take a look at the the Red Sea Reefer 250. Not in stock, but they have a smaller unit on display. Looks absolutely beautiful, without water inside. But i would imagine it will be a maintenance headache with all the salt water spilling all over when using the magnet cleaner / general maintenance or when adjusting the wave maker. Another minus point is the 20" height and width of the tank. I like to do a bit of DIY so a plug and play set takes a bit of fun away. Price se
  12. Hi All, Planning to get back into the hobby after a 10 yrs break. Lost touch with all the suppliers and equipment so hope you guys can assist. Firstly I plan to get a 36" x 24" x 24" custom tank with cabinet. Need advise on who are the good tank maker currently around. Also what is the current market price for the tank and cabinet, so that i don't get chop carrot head. Thank you! Rick
  13. Putting in corals should be ok lah, just TRY to add the fishes in later.
  14. If you seriously want to preserve the ocean then u should tell ppl not to buy and go diving instead.... Unless your aim is otherwise....
  15. Y not u adopt a fish in my tank? .... Food and water i sponsor, u just pay for the fish.
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