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  1. Thank you thank you Still available if anyone is interested! I can meet in the west too. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Collection at Lorong Chuan
  3. Hello everyone, I have a dwarf cuttlefish for sale. Been with me about 1 month and all is good until it ate my clownfish. If you intend to keep with fishes make sure they are bigger than the cuttlefish which is about 4-5cm now. My clownfish was the same size and it still ate it. I will pass you my remaining feeder shrimps too. Price $30 Cuttlefish video
  4. Reducing the price for the weekend. TGIF! Maroon Scoly - $90 + delivery Stylo frag $10 each
  5. Hi everyone, I have the following to sell: 1. Maroon Scoly (about 4-4.5cm) - $110 2. Lumi Green Stylo A - $15 3. Lumi Green Stylo B (Will pull out the algae) - $10 Collection is at Lorong Chua PM if interested, thanks!
  6. I see. Then I it’s best for me to remove it. Thanks for your help! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  7. Sorry ah I got the pictures mixed up and now I can’t edit it haha Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  8. Hi all! I know the title is weird but I have 3 pink skunk clowns and the smallest one is always chased out when the lights come on and only accepted again at night? Anyone has any experience with such behaviours? Probably better to let someone else adopt the smallest clown? First photo when lights just came on, being chased out it will eventually go further and further away But at night they sleep together like nothing happened [emoji23] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  9. Hi sorry chiller has been sold. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. Hi I have 3 Xenia frags let go. $12 each. All 100% tank cultured and attached to small rock on frag plugs so you can attach them to other things without the frag plugs. Collection at Lorong Chuan. PM if interested. Thanks! PIC under white lights. http:// Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  11. Clowns sold. I forgot to add, I can deliver the chiller to most places, PM me to arrange. If you can self collect I will drop the price to $130. Thanks!
  12. Hi, pair has been taken, so sorry I was not able to reply to everyone.
  13. Hi! Giving away Clarkii pair. Eating and used to BTA. Collection at Lorong Chuan. Interested please pm me. Yes my BTA is eating a crab. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  14. Hi! I had the exact same struggle when I got this overflow box! Anyway I searched across Singapore and found this piping shop in the industrial area, they have everything. https://goo.gl/maps/GqWQjke1rr8SPBk36
  15. Hi! I just upgraded my chiller and am selling my old one at $150. Comes with an external probe. I think it’s about 2 years old but still able to cool a tank up to 3 feet. Suggest to use for 2 feet though. Also have a pair of orange skunk clown to let go at $10 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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