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  1. Hi All, looking to trade for 2 x Orphek Blue plus or Sky Blue 120cm LED bars with a 8 tube 54W ATI Sunpower fixture or frags to match up in value. Please PM or watsapp if you have these available and looking towards using T5s or keen to trade for frags.
  2. Updates There are still frags of grafted montis, outerspace psammocaras, tricolored galaxeas and forest fire cloves available to swop for. Please msg me with pictures of the specimens available and stating what you would like to trade for.
  3. More frags for swop. Sunfire grafted Montipora (on 3 cm frag disk) WWC grafted Montipora (on 3 cm frag disk) Outer Space Psammocara (on 3 cm frag disk) Looking to trade the above for premium/uncommon encrusting LPS/SPS frags. Please PM or watsapp with pictures of the frags available for discussion.
  4. Hi All, have some frags of the above available. Looking to do frag exchanges for uniquely colored Gonios, Euphyllias or encrusting LPS frags. Please PM or watsapp with images of the specimen available for trade to discuss. Thanks for viewing.
  5. Right tricolor Jawbreaker available for trade. Lookin to swop it for premium end shrooms or LPS. Will consider a bandsaw if you have one to trade with.
  6. Another Jawbreaker developing greens and purples.... And an updated shot of these unique tri-colors(reds, orange and yellows) jawbreakers
  7. Check out the development of the greens and purple spots for this Purple Monster Jawbreaker over a period of around 9 months.
  8. Looking to trim this overgrown messy colony of Forest Fire cloves and swopping frags out for zoanthids. Seeking out any frags of the following to trade with. Utter chaos Sunny D Rainbow infusion Sunflower Pink Hippo Pink Zipper Please PM or watsapp stating which zoanthus frag you have available to trade for these cloves. Thank you.
  9. Hi All, Letting off almost brand new Jebao SCP 180 Cross flow wavemaker. Tested it and find it too strong for a shallow reef. Looking at 150 or to trading this unit for acro, lps or unique softies frags. PM or watsapp to deal. (With pictures of the frags if you are looking to do a swop)
  10. Some Zoanthids closeups.
  11. Here's some recent vs. previous growth comparison shots. Favites pentagona 31st Mar 2021 (9 cm frag tile) 2nd May 2020 (6 cm frag disk) Cyphestrea decadia 31st Mar 2021 12th Feb 2021 Montipora capricornis (WWC grafted) 31st Mar 2021 1st Feb 2021 15th Dec 2020 Montipora capricornis (Sunfire) 31st Mar 2021 15th Dec 2020
  12. Looking to fragging out the lower portion of this Grafted monti for a frag swop. Please PM or watsapp with pictures of specimens available to trade with for discussion.
  13. Not the easiest of tangs to sustain in captivity so really glad that this specimen had gotten onto pellets and has build up some body mass since addition to collection. Hopefully it stays that way long term. Convict Tang (Acanthurus triostegus)
  14. Some updated topdown shots of 2 of my favourite bounces.
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