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  1. Update Left : 1 gonio frag OG bounce (will consider trading for a 5 inch or more well conditioned/pellet feeding Achilles Tang) Please PM or watsapp indicating what you are interested in and preferably with pics of the specimen available to trade with.
  2. Update 1 gonio frag left Micromussas/acans lords OG bounce Please PM or watsapp indicating what you are interested in and with pictures of the specimen available for trade.
  3. Building up the Euphyllia glabrescens garden.
  4. Some closeups of Zoanthid Collection.
  5. Clearer front shot of the shroom (left shroom) showing vesicles expansion.
  6. Large vesicled OG Bounce (bottom piece) sized around 1.5 cm available for trade. Looking to trade for premium/high end shrooms.
  7. Another frag of 3 head Micromussa lordhowensis available for frag swop.
  8. Have single head frags of this Micromussa/Acanthastrea lordhowensis available for trade. Looking to trade for other unique colored acans, favias, gonio or unique LPS frags. Please PM or watsapp to deal.
  9. Have 2 x conditioned and nicely encrusted pink centered with yellow skirting gonio frags available to trade for other nice/uniquely colored gonio frags that i don't have. Please PM or watsapp preferably with pics of the frag available to trade with for discussion. Will consider other lps frags like blastos, micromussas/acans, chalices or favias/favites too.
  10. The SRO-CR3000D is up partially and running. Now awaiting the delivery of another 6 kg of media and some calibration fluids to complete the setup.
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