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  1. SunnyBoy, I fish to feed my family ma. Fridge is empty without food n no choice to go hunting for fish reeling to me is so near n yet so far, beyond my reach yet:)
  2. The wanton Mee one of my fav too n selling only day time . Reefzzzz n Hanmy, yes my heart still here but only to peek once in a while
  3. Looksike u back to the Dark force, stronger than ever bro reefzzzz!!! Looking forward to see ur tank n collection of zaos n other precious recently got to know Aquamarin is back, behind ur courtyard. Should pay a visit there to get the "marine feel" once again
  4. Letting go the brand new ext skimmer now at $100!! come come get it ! Brand new
  5. Beta boxes collected. Left the external skimmer for Sale ! Brand new skimmer only at $120!
  6. Left the skimmer. Brand new external skimmer for only $120. Bought at $190!! Never touch water! Hydrometer reserved.
  7. Addictives and test kits collected by nice reefers
  8. 6. Bundle sale for Addictives, comes with FREE Test Kits (think some expired 2-3 months back) - Selling $50 Comes with following for the addictives a. 2 bottles of Purple Up Brand new b. 1 Brand new + one 1/4 full marine Health c. 1 Band new + one 1/3 full easyneo d. 1 Brand new Reef Builder e. 1 Brand new Chemipure All for $50 !!! Comes with FREE test kits as shown on B
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