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  1. Wah Borinz, early morning show me blue film??? Same color as mine?
  2. I didn't tilt it at an angle but perpendicular to the surface. Evaporation is about 1.5l per day. My skimmer is on 24hrs a day while lights is 8hrs a day.
  3. Hi Jacky, Really love your tank. Full of colors, especially your rics.
  4. Thanks. So it's a candy - hemm better watch my diabetes level... Frankly, I thought it's those what favites or what....
  5. Hi Tanic, Thanks. I put my 2 fans blowing across the tanks as you may see in the above photos. As such, I don't have the risk of fans dropping into the tank.
  6. Thanks bros fishtalk and borinz. Hopefully it will recover better.
  7. I'm impressed by the colors of your reef. BTW is the photo attached a water purifier?? How that works, juz couldn't figure out that photo.
  8. Yep, maybe at that time I should have gotten more hehe.
  9. Juz normal feeding of cyclopeeze to the whole tank and not target feeding them. Usually feed once every 2 to 3 days.
  10. When I first spotted this $15 each sun coral, I'm rather doubtful that it will survive well. But since it's the size that I like, and the price that I'm willing to pay - take the risk. This is how it looks in the lfs when I bought them;
  11. Thanks Jervis, still lots to learn from you.
  12. My star polyp. If you see carefully, you may see an aptisia on it. I've tried to use a syringe to dose the Kalk into them, yep they died off. But after a while, other areas started to grow again..sigh....
  13. But CL 280 what is the wattage like??
  14. Thanks but chiller running and startup cost is beyond my budget...maybe after Friday if got luck.
  15. As mine is a 2ft tank, so most corals that I buy are usually smaller in size. Sometimes I will choose those not so good condition as they are less $$$ hehe. This is the Green Bubble when I first bought it... it's cheap lah;
  16. haha, but I would prefer to be a coral than fish - don't even need to swim around.
  17. The diy fan stands using pvc pipes. The angle blowing across the tank can be adjusted. With the current electrical bills, using 2x 0.25A fan is definitely easier on my pockets hehe. I've been using them for months, and it's rather quiet. The sump is rather small especially for the skimmer compartment. As I'm not using any FR, so put the bags of media here and there.... yep it's unsightly.
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