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  1. - The free DIY airstone skimmer for the 1st chamber (air pump is NOT included) with individual plug; - This nano cube has been used for about 8mths so there are some 'stain' of coraline algae growing at the back of the tank; - You may refer to the thread here for some ideas; www.guppiesonli.com/df...t=121.html www.guppiesonli.com/df...t=132.html Note : I've tried my best to describe the item for bid as detail as possible, but if you are unsure, pls post here and ask me. As this 12G O nano cube is moded to suit my use, pls consider carefully before bidding. Thank you.
  2. - The moded PL lights - 2 x 24W. The original is onli 1 PL and driven by normal internal ballast which made the internal very hot. - The Moded 20 led blue light has its own plug so that you can have a separate timer from the main PL lights; - The moded Elbiru 2x24W electronic ballast with 1 transformer/ac to dc converter all housed in the diy acrylic holder externally;
  3. Minimum Starting Bid : $40 Increment : $1 Collection place : Tampines Closing date and time for bid : 15 Sep 2006(Friday) at 1pm. This is a 12 Gallon Pink colored nana cube by JBJ. It's the original version with 4 chambers behind. I've done some modification for this nano cube to suit my marine requirement. (Offered item does not include live stock and rocks inside) Here are what it will include for the deal; - Moded with 2PL light (both JEBO 24W PL light - 10K white and 10K white/blue) with individual plug - Moded with 1 strip of 20 LED Blue lights with individual plug - Moded with 1 electronic ballast (Elbiru 2x24W) - 1 original transformer / AC to DC converter for the 2 fans with individual plug - 1 original Rio 106Gph pump - 1 diy acrylic external housing for the electronic ballast and transformer/converter (Free) - 1 diy airstone skimmer (Free) - air pump NOT included - 1 surface skimmer (with mod to attach it in place to prevent it from dropping when power is off) - 1 diy acrylic piece for bottom overflow block to increase level behind (Free) - 1 diy plastic divider for filter medium placement (Free) - Original unused blue sponge, 1 bag of ceramic rings and some bioballs. - still have original box You may refer to the following photos in the next thread.
  4. The quality nowadays are not as good as before. Also in larger pieces for good ones and the price have escalated very much. Sad.....
  5. As I've been using the swing arm type, I didn't realise that my sg is way too high due to inaccuracy. After reducing the sg, the coraline algae start to build up slowly as all other parameters are the same.
  6. Personally I have experienced that even if all parameters are right, you may not have coralline algae if the sg is too high. So the correct sg is also juz as important.
  7. You could have much success earlier if you post this under a new thread since what you are asking is more of a general new startup instead of directly related to this thread. Frankly I don't understand you actually have a 2ft tank or 1.5ft tank. Water change is based on the tank size and how frequent you feed your live stock, and also your water condition. The smaller the tank, the more frequent the water change. If you have a good skimmer, then maybe less frequent. The types of equipment required like sump, etc.. depends on your type of tank. If you don't show your tank and what you have already done, it's difficult to proceed on. Sometimes you talk about 2ft and then 1.5ft - which is which? Moreover, each equipment requires has a specific reason - if you alreadi decided not to have them, how to expect others to help you? You should listen first why they are needed and think should you need them for your tank. Equipment one reefer used, not necessary going to be applicable to another reefer as well. It all depends on your setup unless both are having the same setup and same budget. Where to source depending on what equipment and brand you want. The answers to these questions are alreadi being answered before if you do a search or read thru what I've mentioned earlier. If you are going to use $ as a quideline, instead of understanding why certain things need to be done, it's difficult to experience the fun. You are going to experience more setback and spend more $ instead. I'm not discouraging you but pls learn with open mind instead of telling ppl you don't want this and that, and ask for a list of equipments and sources. Finally it's best to start a new thread for yourself.
  8. I bought them from Ah Beng shop in Pasir Ris fish farm. In fact, most lfs also have. Juz check whether it's all white (and the K) or blue and white. I don't prefer to get those 6,500K one as it's too yellow.
  9. Most reefers here do have hands on experience but not many are good writers. To give a detail ABC guide in setting up is not as easy as it seems especially we don't even known what plan you have. Fish onli tank, mixed reefs, or whatever. How many equipment you need is also depending on what you have experience as you move on. A detailed guide can give you a list of things that you may or must have, and after reading it - you may feel off budget too. Juz read up the posts in this forum, and start doing it. You will never learn without starting. No matter how, marine hobby is never as easy without trying at all. To be frank, even if it's a nano tank, it's still not a cheap hobby. Not trying to discourage.
  10. You may check up here on the sand; http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?...988&hl=argonite Frankly, no matter how budgeted, it will still burn a hole in yr pocket. So the onli way to save more, is to read more and search for answers from previous posts in this forum. Besides that, it's also good to see the Members showcase to see and study their setup, regardless of big or nano tanks. Actually the theory behind it is the same. Big or small thank, an efficient skimmer is very important. Lights too and also test kits are things that cannot be saved. Test kits alone may cost more than $100. Don't juz settle for low priced things becoz they are within budget, check if they can meet the requirment. You may also read up the Nano forum here; http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/
  11. Hi, Most of my things are budgeted types hehe. Tell me where you are lost, maybe I can help.
  12. So what is the damage ? How much I mean, thanks.
  13. I love your ideas on diy, your tank setup, etc..... it's so good for even real corals not to mention fake corals. Well done! Keep the photos coming, and more more ideas too..
  14. Hi Jervis, I mean Atlantis' Ca is high which is at 575. But after dosing he is bringing it down, thus I'm wondering why is this so becoz dosing it means an increase in such 'ingredients' in proportionate levels. As someone mentioned, maybe the coraline algae is one of the main consumers of the Ca hehe besides other corals too.
  15. Thanks Jervis for your reply. But ain't these readings still high? Ca: 520 Mg: 1350 Is he bringing the Ca from 575 to 520 ppm with this product? Not too sure, I'm lost.
  16. Hi thanks for the product review. Juz some questions to ask; - Must the water parameters like Ca, kH and Mg be ideal first before dosing the AragaMILK? - If the Ca AND kH is high, will dosing it bring it down to ideal level? Thanks.
  17. So are both white tubes or 1 blue / 1 white?
  18. Hi Ong, So your 2ft tank is running on 2 x 24W T5 tubes onli? Is it enough? Both 10000K tubes?
  19. Maybe you can juz attached the image to this server instead of using image link.
  20. Hi Alvin, this is something that I don't understand. I see that your Cyanarina are placed on the rock at the top of the tank while most would said that it's best to place at the bottom with low flow and light. But I see your Cyanarina are doing very well. Any secrets? BTW do you glue them to the bigger rock?
  21. Maybe you should reload all your photos as majority cannot be seen probably due to bandwidth exceeded.
  22. When I read thru this thread over and over again, I couldn't help but to respect you since the thread started from 2004! BTW, does your $10 acro still around? If yes, can show a pic?
  23. Any idea which lfs in the East is selling Marine Snow? Roughly how much is it? Thanks.
  24. Is the Copperband reefsafe?
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