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  1. I thought I have these 2 little fishes but don't know what's their id? Any idea? Will update later as I've changed the scaping a bit hehe.
  2. Life is bad real bad..... I mean with cigarettes increase 30 cents, transport increase, coffee increase, power supply increase, etc.....
  3. At 29 deg? I thought you running a chiller?
  4. Hi, May I know what is that you put in the grey pvc pipe on the left of tank? Is that temporary? Why put in the pipe first? Thanks.
  5. Maybe it's your turn to share which shop in Clementi that solves your pipes problems hehe?
  6. Thanks Monki! Nice FTV too. So the top is your star polyp? From far looks purple than green hehe.
  7. So far I onli found the closeup view of the retrofit. BTW what is the width of your retrofit? What tubes are you using now? Thanks for the infos. Maybe you should consider splitting and starting a new thread with the new bb tank now.
  8. A surface skimmer is different purpose from a protein skimmer. Maybe those limestone skimmer can fit in. Fission skimmer can fit in but very difficult to fit and remove and heard lots of remarks in the other nanoforum too. If you are using those needle wheel pump for skimmer, then the micro bubbles may have an issue as the tank is onli 12G.
  9. Guess also some of those luminous corals show nicer under moonlight or blue light onli.
  10. Yep, fully agreed with you Alvin. That's why after 1yr, I still pondering which is better haha! Heat is really a main issue. Also the light spread and reflector problem. Ya loh, don't know why retrofit are more expensive? But most retrofit are juz resting on the tank right and there isn't any light stand? Alvin is it possible to show a photo of your full light set resting on the tank?
  11. Sure got chance to me especially at marine lfs hehe.... not so many of them. I'm usually around the east side. Finally managed to get the last few pcs of 24W ATI tubes juz now after 2 unfruitful attempts loh. Now waiting for the Macro or Solite 4 tubes 2ft lightset....
  12. Hi Alvin, May I know your reason and purpose of choosing a retrofit 4xT5 lightset? Due to price?size? or others?
  13. Wonder if you guys/gals ever experience the frustration of buying equipments and be told that "No stock" and don't know when have stocks. These usually for smaller tank size like 2ft; not so sure same for 3ft and 4ft though. Even things like skimmers, light tubes, light set are also the same. Believe such things are commonly used by new reefers and also hobbyists who wish to upgrade or change. Also it seems that the lfs may not be replenishing the stock so soon. I'm not talking about slow moving items and unknown brand. I really hope that our lfs can have more stocks and replenish more frequently. Share your thoughts and experience on these but no flaming pls.
  14. For the nano skimmer, maybe you may check out the new nanomora from AquaC; marinedepot forum
  15. Thanks Ian. From what I know the Maxijet 1200 may fit those 12G deluxe version as there are onli 3 chambers but the 12GO (old version) has 4 chambers and may not fit in. Even the Maxijet 900 may have a problem too. So those using the 12GO, pls check first. As for the hydor flo, ever thought of ordering online.
  16. Wah, I thought it's onli US$12 - US$15 from those US online order? Realli expensive here.
  17. You may try I Aquarium at Pasir Ris farmway too. Sometimes they do have some nice pieces there.
  18. Pls pls show your full tank shot leh!
  19. Yep where you get this Aragamilk and how much does it cost?
  20. Can the Maxijet 1200 fit into the last chamber of the 12G nanocube? Yep where to find the hydroflo in Singapore? BTW is yours a 12G deluxe nanocuble?
  21. Then probably the anemone will keep moving around the tank to look for a more suitable place.
  22. Onli 2 x t5 NO tubes? Enough?
  23. Sorri I do not quite understand the main purpose of the first application. If there is a power failure, even if there is a SMS sent to the owner - what can the owner do but to wait for the power to restore? Unless it's onli his unit power trip, but still have to wait until owner reach home to restore the power. So in both cases, nothing can be done until the owner is back or power restored by PS. Probably still best to have UPS.
  24. Nice full tank shot! More, more pls. Thought you have a super sun coral? Where is it now?
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