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  1. Selling Seachem Pond Matrix( used). Have total 8 litres. All have been rinsed and dry already. You need to seed them again. Kindly PM if interested. Collection at Tampines.Thanks
  2. Will look into Hikari Sea Weed extreme. Thanks for the info
  3. True, damn these fishes are picky about food. I also have one Tang that will not touch pallet food, all it ate was nori.
  4. Ng couple indeed friendly. Glad that there are still nearby. I went to their old shop( next to ah Beng)a short while ago and was shocked to find the gates all locked. No choice but left
  5. Everything look so good and professional! Wow
  6. Been to some LFS in the east, have personally observed some dead fishes inside their tanks. They will quickly pick it out and discard. Most of the fishes on sale are extremely skinny. Some even have ick. Even if you think that you have purchased a "healthy" one, don‘t be surprised it already has ick or other disease.
  7. New and bigger tank should be quite exciting. Cheers
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