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  1. bro, y give up leh....? so sad to hear this... hope to c u again... ur maroon clown r very healthy and always bully my true percular...
  2. anyone interested anything, just drop me a call lah...
  3. if no one interest, my friend will just leave it with new owner who take over his existing home...
  4. hi, bro SWQUECK i got no chiller to sell leh... u looking for what brand ah? maybe i got another one friend want to sell his CL450 or CL650. condition very good. i can help u to ask him to let go how much...
  5. maybe someone have lorry, but not enough man power. i can provide some china man to help, only need to pay them some money only...
  6. hi, everyone! i'm helping my friend to clear. he need to sales every thing by this weekend. cos need to moving house by this week. he hope to sale in package. 1) 3ft x 2ft x 2.5ft tank with cabinet and hood. 2) 3ft x 1.75ft x 1.75ft tank with WI stand and Fl light. 3) 3set of sump(suitable for both set tank.) 4) weipro 2014 skimmer with pump. 5) resun MD40 pump 6) weipro pump(2500l) 7) atman pump(3000l) 8) atman pump(2000l) 9) seio 820 10) 3ft PL light(2x39w) 11) atleast 150kg sand 12) atleast 300kg LR (but all dead rock liao.) Looking for someone who can buy all items at one time. Buyer have to arrange own ways of removal and transport. pls offer price for who can tank on by this sunday... maybe my friend will sell very cheap... any question, please call or sms me, cos he not in town. thank! David 93883382
  7. bro, post some pic will help for ur sales... upz for u!
  8. bro alex really is a very very nice reefer... pls let us help him to clear...
  9. Bro andylee, dun worry. i never keep it my heart.
  10. ok lah... i accept it... actually, i'm need to clear something, cos no money for my new tank liao... jiak lak!
  11. bro andylee, bro bobrb69, pls check wit bro bitnick07, at 11th jun. i'm already pm him about i want to sell my MH. if no one wan it. i will keep it as spare. cos i'm upgrade to 2 x 150w.
  12. i think u can go along jln besar. tat side got few pvc pipe shop. hope u can found wat u wan... gd luck!
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