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  1. All chillers are high power consumption right? Anyway chiller is reserved for viewing tomorrow.
  2. Hi guys, Selling a >1yr old Resun CL450 chiller. Good for up to 3ft tanks I think, I used it to cool my 2.5ft. Bought from Aquamarine about 1yr or so ago, no warranty but I'm the first owner so the chiller is in pretty good condition. Selling for only $140 fixed (for now). Cash and carry, what you see is what you get, first come first serve. Collection at Lim Tua Tow Road. Thanks! Ervine 97401381
  3. chiller now going for $140. Need the money to get the data back from my crashed HD...
  4. i think you didn't read carefully bro, all that's left is the Chiller...
  5. still for sale... (strange, I thought this would be the first item to be sold.. )
  6. Price is fixed at $150 (for now at least), chiller still up for grabs!
  7. Chiller up for viewing tomorrow...
  8. quite a few people with tanks >4ft have asked if this chiller is suitable for them, well the answer is no... I think this is good for up to 3fters, roughly.. please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks! Ervine
  9. This is all I'm left with: Resun CL450 Chiller - $150 Thanks! Ervine
  10. MH pending collection tomorrow... Chiller still up for sale..
  11. 1. Resun CL450 Chiller - $150 2. MH - $75 Take both for $200. upz for th weekend! Erv.
  12. Back in Singapore, stuff still up for grabs. Price is fixed for now. Erv.
  13. This is all that's left: 1. Resun CL450 Chiller - $150 2. MH - $75 Take both for $200. Will be leaving for China this Saturday, hopefully can clear before then. Thanks! Ervine
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