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  1. Hi friends, hope you can help to identify this centipede look alike creature. is it harmful to the habital? attached is the creature and my 2feet tank. with 2 crown fish.
  2. hi bros, anyone can help? I just set up a 1.5ft tank. got a filter(hook beside the tank type), fine sand, sea water($3 for 25liter) and some rocks(coral). The shop people told me that after setting up, at least 5 days later then can put fish in the tank. So after 5 days, i got 8 crown fish in. but after 3 days 4 died, then 3 died. now left with only 1. i fed them with dry food, which state fast sink, but it did not. pls help, should i continue to put fish in? should i get an anemone for the crown fish(maybe they got no place to rest, so die) Help needed....thanks
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