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  1. big $ big $

    1. Jameshong


      Must be very goooooood


  2. frags frags and more frags!

  3. sign sign sign!! while stock last :)

  4. AEFW everywhere!! bla bla bla~

  5. The reefers we have are far from RC standards, no wonder their inputs are like that. Lol

    1. albertlaw60


      Haha, like father like son.

  6. people just refuse to read and act on their assumption.. seriously?!

  7. friends backing friends up.. where did that integrity gone to?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Firestarter


      After speaking to TS, i take that back. So will the thread be reopened? I believe TS did a request to reopen it.

    3. Aquareef123


      Start a new thread lah

    4. thomas_lim


      FS, check w TS on the re-opening :)

  8. it is cLown fish. the one you see in the circus.. not cRown fish.. L not R!!!

    1. titustitus


      lol! go tell him la!

    2. Jameshong


      By left not by right...lol!

    3. Firestarter


      These are the same dumb bunch of ppl who can't differentiate btwn jerry can or jelly can.

  9. if you want something and refuse to travel far enough to get it, means you dont want it that much!

    1. thomas_lim


      LOL. Better if can give free delivery mah. ;)

    2. Jameshong


      Travel far to get something might be due to impulse or people have you have thinking....lol!

  10. what happens if fishes can be fragged? LOL

  11. I wonder how much the shop owner make when they sold me a candy for $0.40 only

    1. thomas_lim


      don't underestimate these $0.40. A little bit like this mean a lot to poor man like me. I believe a little can be a lot as it goes. Like poor can become rich. And rich can become poor.

  12. anyone lobang for asus laptop? pm me pls!!

    1. ranchuboy


      Try your luck at Sitex 2010 this weekend at Singapore Expo

    2. ReDDeviLs
  13. anyone lobang for asus laptop? pm me pls!!

  14. not only on your pc.

    1. Milch_Tan


      but it looks fine on Fire Fox :)

  15. law: wat r u waiting for? post a video of yourself with the violin man!! peacemaker: its time to put it for auction! u will be the next millionair hah

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