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  1. Thanks. Must go and check w his bidding admin liao what dragon this is then. Maybe later got phoenix from him too. lol
  2. Pardon my ignorance. I thought that is a digi. Dragon are usually used for to discribe acropora carduus or walindii. Just curious in case there is something new which I might had missed in this every changing world.
  3. very nice pavona!!! And much better price too. Too bad tank no space liao
  4. Giving away a file fish which I kept for nearly 3 months. Had 2 giving away one to reduce bio load. Size est 2.5" Both had done an excellent job to clear my aiptasia infested tank. Now hardly any in sight. Had not touch my LPS, SPS or zoas based on my observation. Whatapps me at 96836545 if keen. Preference will be given to reefers whom I know personally. Collection Bukit Batok Street 25
  5. Sold. Thanks for dropping by to collect!
  6. Selling this piece which drop off from my rock scape. 70. Flipper is the standard small size for reference. Polyp size is not those tiny one often seen. Photo taken with phone. No filter, etc Collection @Bukit Batok. .
  7. this is GSP. Hope the buyer know what he/she is getting. At 15 for this size is still good for GSP thou
  8. Bro, just sharing the difference. This is mohawk
  9. Is a good debate and everyone had their input. Locking this thread. Interested buyer kindly pm TS. Txs. Chill everyone.
  10. Need to clear some estate space. Both for 100. At least 80 polyps. Mohawk zoas. If u see how much people selling per frags of several polyp. U know this piece alone is worth it. Both are at least fist sizes. Xenia is growing on a dead sps skeleton. Is 100% pulsing and bluish type. Some say is from very old Fiji shipment. Not sure myself. U be the judge if nice or not. 20210107_153947.mp4
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