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    FOC tank

    FOC 3 ft tank with stand and sump. 10mm thick Interested please pm
  2. 2inch pink birdnest $5 3.5 inch green staghorn with blue tip $10
  3. $50. Collection at jurong west Media that comes with the DI unit is not exhausted yet though as only used for less than 8 times since refilling. When media is used up you can get it at marinelife from henry.
  4. upz. Can show receipt if needed. light is bought from Marine Life Henry. ( The one at Hong Leong Shopping centre) Now selling at $200
  5. Thinking of giving up my holding tank due to rising electrical cost. 3 ft DE mh 250W with aluminium stand --- $200 OR 3500 ( used only for 3 months --- $200 2 feet FL light ----$10 3 feet tank(10mm) with stand + 2 ft sump give free with purchase of all 3 items above at $400 package deal but please arrange own transport. Will throw in a dymax skimmer free too. Hence system is very much ready to run. Just need to buy an additional chiller.
  6. should be able to get from the solite website. I think lights should look the same
  7. 1 rock of bali hairy mushrooms 1 fist size sun coral colony 3-4 misc zoa frags $30 Collection in jurong west.
  8. 1 orange, 1 luminous melon, 1 yellow patterned and 1 blue $18 Collection at jurong west
  9. Anyone interested in a frag from this colony ?
  10. half a packet left. $10 Collection at jurong west.
  11. Multicolour mushroom rock. 4 different type of mushrooms on a coraline encrusted platform rock. $30
  12. about 2 fifty cents coin when open. closed abt one 50 cent coin
  13. No problem. Just dont put alot of corals on sandbed. Dont worry. This guy will not climb the glass. He is too fat for that.
  14. 250W DE mh with 3 ft stand. $200 Collection at jurong west dont bargain
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