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Found 2 results

  1. Dear all, Major decomm and special sales of livestock, equipment, additives, tank-sets, chillers etc happening at IMM Garden Terrace today. Freebies will be given away as well! FCFS. See you.
  2. Joining the fun!! Being fairly new to the club, hope we can make more reefing buddies during this comp!! Here goes! Theme: To set-up a sustainable salt-water aquarium based on the equipment above. Well to achieve a low-cost nano setup , with minimal effort in maintenance yet achieving the beautiful aspects of a reef tank.. hmm after much thinking, there seems to be viable options in achieving our theme. Looking ahead, we strive to create a eco-system capable of sustaining itself. We took into account that we wouldn't compromise on the aesthetics. Therefore, aside from adapting to the main theme of creating sustainability, we would like to take a different and creative approach. One that we seldom see, or at least to us. So.. here goes. Sub theme: Christmas Tree As Christmas falls on the same month, we decided to add a little tinge of festivity into the creation of this reef tank. While the Christmas Tree coral comes to our mind the moment we think of Christmas, we decided it would be a tad too cliche in filling the tank with such corals. With that aside, we thought hard and thought again. *drum roll* - Tube Worms AKA Feather Dusters, will be the main actor of our setup (as of now)! These underrated invertebrates have often been overseen by many reefers (from my observation). However, they are in fact one of the most beautiful species in the marine reef. Their variation of colors which Tube Worms offer is one of a kind! However, such vibrant-colored tube worms are hard to come by. The very reason why we decided to use Tube Worms in the tank is very simple. Aside from providing aesthetics to the tank, they are natural filters for water. They are very hardy and able to survive in the harshest of conditions you can imagine and virtually in any lighting conditions. Cheap, colorful, hardy and peaceful towards other inhabitants of the reef tank, these forgiving fan worms are perfect for beginners. I, myself am a sucker for Tube Worms! gonna be a challenge on scaping to replicate e tree.. still thinking of other casts and calefares to fit this theme..TBC
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