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Hey Guys ,

Couple of premium FC frags available for this week, FC Golden Dragon Staghorn, FC Princess Peach, FC Wazoaski ,  rainbow Shabert, FC Borealis and the incredible Jaw Dropper  :wub:

Come check it out...only at FANTASY COrALS  B)

Price starts from $60 upwards Whatsapp us at 90070711 for viewing and booking arrangement.

Have a good weekend ^_^




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Another 4 FC master piece now made available for your collection  :)

Most sort after JD, rainbow envy, rr gold stick etc . Interested collector please contact us at 90070711.

Cheers ! ^_^





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Treat others the way you wanna be treated...



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    • By cedricang
      Hi Bros / Sis
      Happy National Day !!
      Have the following nice frags for your collection   Whatsapp 90070711 for booking
      FC Walt Disney from $180  onwards

      FC Angry Bird from $80

      FC Azura Blue Dragon - from $80

      FC Lime in the Sky - $40

      FC Fire and Ice - $80

      FC Orange Passion  - from $80

    • By cedricang
      Hi Guys , premium healthy and pest-free frags now available
      Whatsapp 90070711 for viewing and booking !
      FC Walt Disney 3 frags only    From $60 to $180

      FC rainbow bubblegum mille  From $80 - $120

      Aussie Blue Mille   $80 each

    • By cedricang
      Dear SPS collectors, all now Premium Quality  FC frags available
      Healthy, colorful and pest free frags, whatsapp us at 90070711 for booking , viewing and collection 
      FC Golden Dragon Staghorn - from $120

      Ultra Colored SSC

      FC Fire Fly - $80

      FC Purple Dragon ( aka pacman) - $60

    • By cedricang
      For those who appreciate the better things in life
      Healthy and robust frags waiting for pursit...
      Whatsapp 90070711 for viewing and collection.
      FC DARE DEVIL - $80 UP


      FC ANGRY BIRD - $120 UP



    • By cedricang
      Exciting frags !
      One of the top 3 most beautiful milles available - The RR Phantom Menace
      Whatsapp 90070711 for viewing and collection
      $120 - $180

      FC Rainbow Shabert

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