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Pasa Malam Buy/Sell Rules

Attention!: Please Read the Rules & Regulation for the Buy/Sell Pasa Malam section 

Rules on Pasa Malam  

- Sales of coral , frags is limited to  Max 5 per week per member, please start a new topic once the limits is reach, all unsold coral/ frags has to be posted on the new week.
- Unless if there is a decommission of your existing tank, it should be stated clearly that you are selling all the corals away due to a decommission of system. 
- Seller must publish price openly on their sales thread on their items for sales.
- To prevent spam, account must be at least
30 day old and have at least 10 post count to create a sales thread here. 

- Thread which is deem to be a commercial listing by us will be removed without prior notification.
- Only related reefing equipment, tank sets and livestock is allowed. 
- Link to other third party sales that display your items for sales is not allowed; i.e ebay. Gumtree, carousell  ect..
- To protect your privacy, members are strongly advise against sharing your contact no openly.Please use the PM instead for buyer to contact you . 
-  Repeated offenders might find his posting rights temporary disabled and repeated offenders might have his posting right  permanently disabled in this forum. 

Thank you and we seek your co-operation in this manner


  1. Sell off/Pasar Malam Shop

    Singapore Reef Club Pasa Malam market place

  2. Swop Shop

    Got something else to Give away, trade or swap...equipment, frags, livestock? Or Looking for something to buy ( WTB)?  List your items here and then negotiate! DO NOT POST YOUR AQUARIUM PRODUCTS FOR SALES HERE or it will be remove and ban !


  • Our picks

    • Main tank Lenght 3.5ft, width 1.5 ft height 2ft.

      sump tank is slightly smaller than above.

      ehiem return pump, bubble magnus skimmer, no lights, no wave maker

      cabinet condition 8/10

      live stock - 1 yellow tang, 1 blue tang, 1 koran angel fish, 1 clown fish, 1 blue yellow demsel, 1 green chromis.

      include rocks.


      plus arrange your own transport.

      contact 93673040
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    • Upgrade my little ocean ...2ft tank become 3ft tank..

      Frist day ...

      After 3day..

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    • Has anyone seen dwarf gobies besides clown gobies before. I have always found them beautiful and they have practically zero bioload bcs of their size. I am planning to keep a school of them in my 20 gallons. I know it may be abit small but as i have found, they have very little bioload


      i cant seem to put a pic of a trimma goby here so...
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    • Sorry. I may have left out the location. It be at Woodlands S(730847).
      In meantime I post the overall image of the tank. the bottom cabinet+ tank is as a set. the door/frame on the left and the cabinet above the tank is not part of it as its an add on support.
      I will be going through the msgs and replying them. Thank you.
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    • so nice
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