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Pasa Malam Buy/Sell Rules

Attention!: Please Read the Rules & Regulation for the Buy/Sell Pasa Malam section 

Rules on Pasa Malam  

- Sales of coral , frags is limited to  Max 5 per week per member, please start a new topic once the limits is reach, all unsold coral/ frags has to be posted on the new week.
- Unless if there is a decommission of your existing tank, it should be stated clearly that you are selling all the corals away due to a decommission of system. 
- Seller must publish price openly on their sales thread on their items for sales.
- To prevent spam, account must be at least
30 day old and have at least 10 post count to create a sales thread here. 

- Thread which is deem to be a commercial listing by us will be removed without prior notification.
- Only related reefing equipment, tank sets and livestock is allowed. 
- Link to other third party sales that display your items for sales is not allowed; i.e ebay. Gumtree, carousell  ect..
- To protect your privacy, members are strongly advise against sharing your contact no openly.Please use the PM instead for buyer to contact you . 
-  Repeated offenders might find his posting rights temporary disabled and repeated offenders might have his posting right  permanently disabled in this forum. 

Thank you and we seek your co-operation in this manner


  1. Sell off/Pasar Malam Shop

    Singapore Reef Club Pasa Malam market place

  2. Swop Shop

    Got something else to Give away, trade or swap...equipment, frags, livestock? Or Looking for something to buy ( WTB)?  List your items here and then negotiate! DO NOT POST YOUR AQUARIUM PRODUCTS FOR SALES HERE or it will be remove and ban !


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    • SRC Visits -A CNY Reefer get together edition

      <br style="background-color:#ffffff; color:#050505; font-size:15px; text-align:start">
      Register Here==> https://fb.me/e/2bTAM8z4D<br style="background-color:#ffffff; color:#050505; font-size:15px; text-align:start">
      <br style="background-color:#ffffff; color:#050505; font-size:15px; text-align:start">
      Join us in this first-ever LIVE event, where we will visit Leon's house (aka SubzeroLT), to check out his tank, his setup and his cool diy tricks, as well as discuss some of the latest reefing gadgets in the market.<br style="background-color:#ffffff; color:#050505; font-size:15px; text-align:start">
      Stay tuned as we will also be giving away attractive prizes during the LIVE event via games and quizzes!<br style="background-color:#ffffff; color:#050505; font-size:15px; text-align:start">
      <br style="background-color:#ffffff; color:#050505; font-size:15px; text-align:start">
      *Hint* Do remember to read up on our SRC articles to stand a better chance at winning the prizes!
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    • This is a new year for SRC, as part of our aim to provide more educational information for our members, we will be starting a new tank this year. which we hope as we document the process and stock up the tank, it will be the source for us to share some useful information, equipment reviews, reefing tips and tricks as well as when we try to review some of the myths and fact in reefing.

      Stay tune and don't forget to subscribe to our tank build thread and check out the process of this build .

       Brief introduction of the setup;

      Main display tank - 48" x 24" x 20" ( Lx B x H )

      Sump tank - 48" x 21.5" x 15"  ( L x B x H )


      Equipment list

      Main return Pump ; Ecotech Vectra L2
      Chiller Pump ; Nyos viper 2.0 
      Chiller ; Hailea HK500A
      Lighting ; Ecotech XR30 Pro x 2 
      Wave maker ; Ecotech MP40QD x 2 + Reefwave 25 x 2
      Skimmer ; Nyos Quantum 220
      Filtration ; Clarisea SK3000 roller filter

      Supplement & Dosing
      Dosing pump ; Kamoer X5S 

      Computer & Monitor
      Apex Neptune + Trident

      The main display tank will be build on site by Aquarium Artist






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    • Everyone can help to share pictures/videos of all LFS!
      Shipment arrival, current livestock in LFS. All photo of all quality are accepted.
      Let us help each other so we know where to shop!
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    • Hi Guys,

      It has been a long time , since we organize our last round of club T-shirt printing , as we are doing a fund rising event for this year activities,  our new range of club T-shirt together with a designer T shirt will be available for order as below; 

      1) Design 1 ( Adult ) -White ONLY - $ 19.00

      2) Design 2 ( ADULT) - Black ONLY - Price ; $ 19.00


      3) Design 3 ; Adult SRC Shirt - White ONLY  - Price $ 19.00

      4 )Design 4 ; SRC Kids T shirt - White ONLY ( PRICE ; $ 17.00


      For order , please indicate your order format as below ;

      1) Nickname , Design No , Size , Quantity 

      For order of more than 1 design, please indicate format as below;

      ** Example**
      1) SRC , Design 1 , M , 1
      2) SRC , Design 3, M, 1
      3) SRC, Design 4, kid 28 , 1

      ** Closing Date ; 03.02.2021 

      Price include local postage, which will be delivered to you. We will PM you for your address and contact info after the order closing date.

      Looking forward to your support !
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    • Hawaii Reef Lobster


      What are your personal opinion and experience with Reef Lobster? 

      Do share with here. 
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