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 Hi all i will be decommissioning all my live stocks as i will be away for quite awhile, first to go corals.

Chilli pepper monti frag $30

Fiji pink birdnest thick branch frags $10-$20

True optic fiber palm size $50

Pink birdnest 1 mini colony $30. frags $10-$20

Mystic sunset  monti 2 frag $30 each 

Pink monti cap 1 mini colony $30

Tonga monti yellow base blue polyp 1 frag $20 

Yellow digi $10- $20

Pulsing xenia many $5 per stalk

cheato & grape algae to give with purchase with ant frags.

I will be away for this week till e 15 dec, WA me 82689966 for faster reply & for pix & fcfs ya.



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Fiji pink BN thick stem few frags - $10- $20

Pink BN thin stem frags- $10- $20

Mystic sunset last frag $20 colour abit off

Yellow digi few more  frags - $10- $20

Forest fire digi encrusted on rack - $20

Assorted mini acro mini colony brown out but colours is coming back $20

Purple effla $10- $20

Green bubble $30

Pulsing xenia still many left



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Very muture live rocks to go also with xenia & purple effl attach on it whole lot for $20. I do have some tonga rocks to go too at $30 whole lot too. WA me tks 82689966

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Hi all decomm of live stock almost done.

Equipment list

Main tank 3x1.5x1.5 customise sump, but tank rack next to replace going for $50. 

Skimz skimmer $150 cant remember e model

DD fr75 $40

Skimz fr $50 

Ehiem 1262 $70

Wa me 82689966 for pix 

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