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Love Corals, Hate Pest? Coral RX is here!

Willy Reefing

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Experienced buying a new beautiful frag or coral but ended up with pests wiping out your precious corals? 

As the official distributor, we are proud to bring you Coral RX!! 

What does Coral RX do for coral lovers like us? 

1. Treat parasites such as flatworm, nudibranch, bristleworm, various other SPS and LPS pest! 
2. Acts as a prophylactic measure to promote healthy coral

Strong on parasites, gentle on corals!
Best of all, we carry all 3 different versions of Coral RX for you to choose from:

1. One Shot - Great as travel pack, share w a buddy or for emergencies
2. Pro - Great for hobbyist 
3. Industrial - 3x stronger than Pro 

PM for enquiries and orders! 

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-14 at 3.28.41 PM.jpeg

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