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Frags for sale. Mother/Bigger colonies are all attached. Due to making space for different species. Refer to egg crate for size.


1)SSC - $45

Light green base, almost yellow.


2) banana lokani - $30

No mother. Bought as frag


3) Orange millie-$40

Looks like an orange sunset millie. Dual branched.


4) Nauti spiral-$35


5) Gold spathulata - $25

Fully coloured up piece. Gold base with red polyps. Cut from main as they were growing/shading bases.


All pieces have been in tank for at least 3-6 months. Prices negotiable if take all 5 as a bundle for a quick clear. Total $175. Bundle price $140.



Collection at 821622. Whatsapp 88082436 for more info. 2741b2b73b02eeea06d2b7b7cd7b5e6b.jpg3ff942e12071f35ae3fa3a79f2a413a3.jpg9f19666d40096f27831a4bd91897a675.jpg7de44a3db5e841e770188c21d532ec6f.jpg105a122139341a7077f586f7bcd4b97d.jpg


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