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Blended fresh frozen seafood.

Each pack letting go @ $10. Each pack can last 1 or 2 months




- Prawn

- Clam

- Mussels

- Seaweed

- Squids

- Pellets


Collection at West






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My little ocean
Mix Reef-Main tank 30 inches Length x 32 inches Width x 18 inches Height
2 X Skim DC return pump
Aquabee 2000 chiller feeder

Hailea 1/2 Chiller
1 X Tunze nano wavebox

2 X EcoTech Marine Vortech MP10W
Deltec skimmer - Internal
Lumenarc 400watt 12K Reeflux

8 X T5 ATI Powermodule
Prolifux control with external touchscreen display
Refugium keeping chaeto

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