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DIY Needle Wheel Impeller need advise


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Hi all,

I am new here and still do not own a marine tank.

I am at the preparing stage to setup a 2ft tank which currently still using for fresh water.

I plan to use a sump tank with a overflow pipe.

But now headache on the type of skimmer to use due to my tank lower tier height is too low.

So i decided to DIY my own skimmer.

1st stage, the pump:

Here's the power head i purchased today and done some modification on the impeller using a bioball. It is a 1500l/hr power head.


I do not own a skimmer yet so i just put the modified power head into the tank.

It works but i do not know how much bubble suppose to produced for a needle wheel skimmer.

Anyone can advise the air inlet valve should insert at the outlet or inlet? (A) or (B')?


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Thanks for your quick reply. But i found when i inserted the air tube from (B') got less bubble produced. :unsure:

Next question is, usually less bubble produce in fresh water compare to salt water right?

Yes, you should test with salt water. Fresh water does not work with skimmer.

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this should able to however that is not really a covex i'm talking about

sorry for the poor drawing

Thanks for ur effort to draw it out for me!! :thanks:

Nice DIY.

However there should be full range of skimmer that you can choose from. May be hang on suits you?

Yes. I am so confused on types of skimmer available in market. Since I got some parts to do the DIY skimmer.

And also able suit the height of my tank rack, therefore i decided to DIY it.

Hang on type suitable for sump tank?

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