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I'm a skeptical reefer. I believe progress in reefing comes from questioning, observing, and experimenting.
I enjoy discussion on everything reef related. I hope what I wrote can be a start to interesting discussion.

Leon Tan, who goes by the nick SubzeroLT has been in the hobby since 2014. An avid reefer & photographer, his tank thread series on SRC forum “My Slice of Nature” highlights several DIY projects, equipment trials & more recently about 3D printing.

Larry Ng (aka Harlequinmania )- Blogger, chef editor of SRC, and experience reef keeper, with over twenty years in the marine aquarium hobby. His love and crazy for marine life and fish keeping since a young age has turned his passion into a lifelong hobby. His personal 1000 gallon tank, and setup has been featured on the magazine and video.

Willy is also known as @FloraTiaraCoral has been a reefer since 2013.
He spends his free time sharing what he has learned. if there's one advice he can give it will be commitment. As long as you stay committed, nothing is impossible.
Seeing his friend successful in reefing make him happy.