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  1. Genus, size, landscaping (hiding places) and other factors. i currently have Earspot, king, koran and french + yellow tang n american whitespotted filefish in my 5ft. Angels introduced in stated sequence n all fishes between 6-8 inches. What i found useful is that yellow tang n the filefish are able to hold its own and help to distract king angel's aggression. But the listed angels also tend to be the hardier ones. I did not quarantine but used partition for new fishes to acclimate.
  2. Still available, pls contact me if u r keen.
  3. Yes, pls text me at 8218 0808 to arrange collection if u keen.
  4. Giving away a 3-inch ambon scorpionfish, priority given to bro who can collect tomorrow 10am to 12pm. I stay near sengkang mrt. Please whatsapp me at 8218 0808 if keen.
  5. Hi, would like to sell ambon scorpionfish for $35 (bought from Ah Beng at $40) or trade for frogfish. Please text me at 8218 0808 if keen.
  6. Sorry for late reply, skimmer is BM NAC3.5
  7. Selling 3mth old 1.5ft cube tank made by AA at $150, inclides return pump, skimmer, cover, etc. Please whatsapp 82180808 if keen. Open to nego if can clear this weekend.
  8. Rocked reserved for bro boon
  9. Selling 3 pieces of small liverocks for $10, can form a cave, see pic
  10. Angelfish n cleaner shrimps reserved by xxxx xx81
  11. Selling: 1. 3mth old 1.5ft cube tank made by AA, 3 side crystal glass with return pump - $150 2. Juv blue face angel 3 inches - $40 3. Cleaner shrimp x 2 - $10 each 4. Starfishes - $30 big $20 small Pls whatsapp me at 8218 0808 if keen.
  12. Bro, could you send me pic of your blue ring angel? 82180808 Thanks!
  13. Bro, what light you use to grow chaeto? Mind sharing?
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