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  1. Ooozone


    Decide to give FOC PM if keen to take ASAP
  2. Ooozone


    Selling both coral & zoa for $10 Stable & suitable for nano tank Reducing bioload & collect Yishun
  3. Looking for stabke pellet train Tang powder blue rang Tomic Tang Kole Tang PM price and photo if have
  4. $10 Self collect Yishun Ave 4
  5. Fish just caught PM me prefer to deal asap
  6. Looking for above (used or new) Pls PM me. Thank you
  7. Hi i am letting go a white wrasse Fat & Stable Self collect at Yishun Priority go to any reefer whom can collect by tonight cos it has already been caught PM
  8. Fat & Stable Blue Face Angelfish @ $150 Approximate 14 cm Kept over 1 year ++ Diet: Mysis, prawn, seaweed pellet Self collect at Yishun PM
  9. Reducing Bioload Stable Valentini Puffer kept over 1 year+++ Letting go at $12 Self Collect @ Yishun Ave 4 PM
  10. Ooozone


    Giving away stable white wrasse to reducing bio load and giving it a good homeSelf collect @ Yishun Ave 4 PM me your details Priority goes to reefer whom can deal at my earliest convenient
  11. Ooozone


    Trades with other soft coral zoas fishes are most welcome
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