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  1. Ooozone

    CORAL for Trade

    Open to trades with fishes and other livestocks shrimps or clean up crews
  2. Zoa colony found. Pls close thread. Thanks
  3. Hi, PM me if u have neon green toadstool coral. Thank you in advance
  4. Revised Price $10 There are 3 more mushroom coral babies growing on the live rocks.
  5. Hi i am looking for nice zoa colonies (not small frags) if u wish to sell, pm kindly pm photo and price. Thank you for your time
  6. Stable Coral kept for more than 1.5 year Mushroom coral attached to a big live rock Selling to reduce bio load $15 collection at Yishun Ave 4
  7. I have a stable toadstool attached together to flat live rock for trade with other LPS or zoas Diameter ~ 10cm (Coral) Diameter ~ 15cm (Live rock) PM if keen
  8. Hi i would like buy torch coral & purple tang Pls PM if you have any to let go with pic and asking price
  9. Also open for trades (LPS & Livestock)
  10. Green Mushroom coral on live rock (at least 4 shrooms) $20
  11. Letting this Toadstool for $20 Can open up to adult palm size Reducing Bioload PM me if keen
  12. Ooozone


    Green Mushroom Coral min 4 heads on a live rock for trade or sale GSP not included
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