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  1. Looking for above fish PM if wish to let go
  2. PM if you wish to let go any nice anemone, carpet. Prefer big size. Thank
  3. Thanks Bro Prefer to get from existing reefers
  4. Looking for true percular, oynx clownfishes + flame angelfish PM if letting go
  5. Looking for anemone and clownfish pair PM me if you wish to sell
  6. Looking for nice clownfishes pair (true percular, oynx designer. Pls pm me price & photo if you wish to let go
  7. Thank you for sharing your nice reef tank with us
  8. Item 1+2+3 revised to $40 (all brand new)
  9. Looking for sunflower zoa, emerald on fire and bubble tip anemone Pls PM me wirh photo and price
  10. 1. Red Sea KH/Alkalinity B 500ml New 2. Red Sea Calcium + A 500ml New 3. Seachem Mag Powder 1200 g New Take all item 1+2+3 together @ $50 4. 01 × Bubble Magnus C7 in sump Protem skimmer (suitable for 500L -700L) @ $120 5. 01 × Marine Pure Block @ $35 6: usee Small acrylic isolation box FOC with any purchase. Deal in North PM if keen.. Thanks
  11. Coral Nutritiion Part B 50-60% left $12
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