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  1. Sorry for late update. All rocks are sold. Mod pls close thread. Thanks.
  2. 7 pieces left. $20 each. 3 pieces shown here Another 3 pieces stacked up 1 piece
  3. Price dropped to clear fast: $20 each. Over 10 pieces to choose from. FCFS. View/collection at fernvale after 7pm daily.
  4. Large Size DE Rocks for sale. Each piece more than 30 cm by 30 cm dimension. More than 10 pieces (Samples shown in attached pics) to choose from. Price: 1 piece @ $50 2 pieces @ $40 each 3 pieces and above @ $30 each FCFS collection and viewing at fernvale after 7pm. WA 96951347 to arrange if keen.
  5. All fishes sold and collected. Mod pls close thread. Tks
  6. All fish sold and collected. Mod pls close thread. Tks
  7. Rocks sold and collected. Mod kindly close thread. Tk u.
  8. Shutting down nano tank. 6 pieces of Caribsea Life Rock - $100 (Comes with a super sun coral if u wish to adopt it) Shown in the pic are all the 6 rocks in a 2 by 1 nano tank. Tank is still running. Collection Fernvale area. Whatsapp or sms @96951347. FCFS
  9. Fish: Liopropoma fasciatum (Rainbow Basslet) Size: 6 to 7 cm Eating all kinds of frozen and pellets. Price: $300 Attached pic shows actual fish. Whatsapp/sms @ 96951347 if u r keen. Tks
  10. Cirrhilabrus earlei sold and pending collection. Other fishes still available.
  11. Above pictures show actual fish. All fishes are stable collection kept for at least 1 to 2 years.
  12. Cirrhilabrus earlei female (Size ~4cm) --- $300 (60% off normal retail price) Hypoplectrodes cardinalis (Size ~7cm) --- $250 (50% off normal retail price) Plectranthias pelicieri Japan specimen (Size ~5cm) --- $2000 (40% off normal retail) Odontanthias fuscipinnis (Size ~10cm) --- $3000 (40% off normal retail price) If u are interested in any of the fishes, pls whatsapp/sms me at 96951347. FCFS/Reservation with 50% deposit. Collection at Fernvale.
  13. Harlequin shrimps pair for sale. Size: about 1.5 inches each Species: Picta (male) & Elegans (female) mix pair Price: $140 Picture shows actual pair.
  14. Dear all, I have the following fishes for sale: Paracheilinus hemitaeniatus Pair - $700 (Normal retail >$1000) Assessor Randalli (philippines variant) - $60 (Normal retail $90) Pictures below show the actual specimens. Reason for sale: Decomming Nano Setup. If you are keen pls sms/whatsapp at 96951347. Thank you.
  15. Light set sold n collected. Mod pls close thread. Tk u
  16. Size: About 5 inches Price: $400 Interested pls sms/whatsapp @ 96951347
  17. Dear all, Kessil Light with Gooseneck for sale. See link below for technical specs. Light bought for less than a year and rarely used. Very good condition. Selling as a set for $350. Collection and deal at Fernvale area. Actual light set pics attached. Interested pls sms/whatsapp at 96951347. https://www.freshnmarine.com/collections/light-fixtures-accessories/products/kessil-a160we-controllable-led-tuna-blue https://www.freshnmarine.com/collections/light-fixtures-accessories/products/kessil-led-light-pendant-a-series-gooseneck-clamp-mount
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