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  1. Hi Selling spare skimmer: Reef Octopus Elite Protein Skimmer 220-INT Selling Price: $600 Bought this year (2022), used less than 6 months, very good condition Specs and other details in link below https://www.freshnmarine.com/products/reef-octopus-elite-protein-skimmer-int?variant=19234474655840
  2. Jebao Crossflow Wavemaker MCP-90 Used sparingly for about 1 year Selling Price: $80 Jebao Crossflow Wavemaker (WIFI) MCP-70 MCP-90 MCP-120 MCP-150 — East Ocean Aquatic (eastoceansg.com) wave.jfif Interested pls pm me. Tks for viewing.
  3. If you would like to buy the rocks individually, here are the pricing:
  4. Hi all 11 pieces of Caribsea Life Rock (Shapes) for sale at $200. Rocks are enough for a 3 to 4 ft tank. See pic above for actual rocks in a 4 footer. The rocks came from two boxes of 20lbs rocks (retail $180 per box) plus some loose pieces i cherry picked at Madpetz. In total the rocks cost me more than $400 when i bought them. Rocks has been used for less than 6 months. Rocks has been used with cupramine before and therefore safer for non-corals system. In the past 2 months rocks has been kept running in copper free setup. Pls contact me if you are keen. Tks for viewing.
  5. Coral sea flavicauda anthias (1 male 2 female) - $800 Pls pm me if u r interested. Tk u
  6. Hi all I have a 3ft Semi Grow Light Set for sale at $380. Two ways to hang the light (cable or mounting bracket). Comes with built in timer and has a wireless remote controller. Light set was bought from SAS and used for less than 6 months (still within SAS 1 yr warranty) and in very good condition (almost like new). Reason for sale: switching to fish only and not keeping corals anymore. Pls contact me if u r keen. Thank you. https://aquatics.sg/collections/lighting/products/semigrow-lights-it5080
  7. Light set sold and collected. Apology to reefers whom i was not able to reply in time. Mod pls close thread. Thank u.
  8. Hi all Two sets of 4 ft (120cm) Orphek LED Lights for sale. Both sets are bought from SAS and used for less than 5 months (still within SAS 1 yr warranty) and are in very good condition (almost like new). Light set can be used together to create an enhanced color combi. Reason for sale: Light too strong for my fish only tank. They are more suitable for coral tank. Pls contact me if u r keen. Thank you.
  9. Bell's Flasher Wrasse (Male, see pic of actual fish attached) Selling Price: $450 (I bought the fish at $550 from SAS) Diet: Pellets and Mysis Collection: Fernvale Reason for selling: Moving house and reducing bioload
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