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  1. Ups. Price reduced to $80 if can collect at 12.
  2. Palm size aussie sps. Greenish base with light purplish. $120.
  3. Sold. Nice catch up w old timers.
  4. Interest check. Less than a month old Ecotech Radion XR30 G5 blue. No mounting arm. Actual turn on less than 48 hours. RFS, too blue to my liking. $1K nett.
  5. Sold. Pls closed thread. Cheers
  6. Selling IM nuvo 20. Approx 1mth old. Standard set. Comes with additional skimmer and refugium light. $200
  7. Good water circulation. Good water parameters. Place it nearer to ur lights. U may get back green or it may change other colors.
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