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  1. 1. I will go with a higher hp chiller that match your return pump flow rate so u save on running additional pump. Another pump another heat source and also paying more for electricity since pump runs 24/7. A higher hp chiller will give u better efficient cooling plus future tank upgrade option. 2. if the above is not an option then use a additional pump rated for your chiller.
  2. To determine the flow u hav to estimate liao. 2000l/hr after gg thru all the bends and height, prepare for approx 10% drop in flow. Tat leave u with 1800l/hr, using the valve at half turn will give you approx 900/hr. Turn 3/4 shd put u at approx what you need. Unless u have precise measuring equipment like flow meter or use a 5L container and measure how long to fill then do the math> too tedious.
  3. Use a gate or ball valve to reduce the flow. A higher hp chiller is the next best alternative.
  4. Sps and Anemone do not mix especially on the same rock. They are generally safe with other reef safe fishes.
  5. Freeing up space. cynarina 1. $60 cynarina 2. $80 open to about 6-7cm
  6. Gonio 1 reserved. Gonio 2 $40 to clear
  7. Torch Sold. Gonio 1&2 still avail.
  8. Gonio 3 sold. Gonio 1&2 still avail. Aussie torch green body purple/ bluish tip price revised. $288. Fella not willing to retract fully but i counted at least 10 heads.
  9. Gonio 1. $80 Gonio 2. $60 Gonio 3. $80 Torch 1. $88 collection at AMK
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