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  1. what are you confuse with bro? the measurements are in inch (length x breadth x height).
  2. Hi Bro Daveyy, Its been awhile, so glad to see you still active. Here is my FTS.... I started keeping whales! Just kidding bro... me still as 'kah-jiao' as always! Will take a proper shot one of these days before posting. Hope your tank doing well.
  3. Its been more than a year since i updated... woah... time flies when you're caught up with work and so many happenings! Anyways, my place went thru some serious reno the last time i mentioned, but the tank remains unchanged. Will reveal what i've added in due time. But for now, i'm just glad the ATS works well and i managed to keep nitrates and phosphates at bay with this. Cheap and effective method i must say.
  4. Hi Everyone Just to check, does this happen regularly to the newer 180W maxspect razor led lights? As in, from the pic, 6 led lights spoiled (3 from the right led pad, 3 from the center led pad)... Used less then a year and on at 90% B, 60% White. Was wondering could it be the increased waltage/volt from 160W to 180W caused this in the newer models? Or perhaps its only a one-off case... Happened to anyone so far?
  5. Hi reefers, I noticed something and would like to bring it up for discussion. As some of you know, i've just started my tank not too long ago. I've chosen dry rock instead of live rock, and used a market shrimp to cycle my tank. The salt i'm using is Red Sea Coral Pro which has a DKH of around 12 (i tested it using my salifert kit) Everything went well and my tank completed cycling. However i noticed that my dKH took a hit. It went from 12 to 7. Is there a reason for this? I thought the only thing that suck up alkalinity are corals (especially sps) and coraline algae. In this case i'm using dry rock without any coraline algae. Not that its a big issue here, i can rectify this easily with sodium bicarbonate, but would like to learn more regarding the theory behind this. Anyone able to enlighten me on this? Would greatly appreciate any insights.
  6. I am trying my best bro You purposely lor... KNS, LOLX... Go LFS sure kena tempted to pick something up.
  7. Hi beloved fellow reefers, havent been updating thread due to heavier work commitments. Anyway, I just sold my previous tank (4 footer) and ported my livestocks over. Wanna thank all the bros out there who bought rocks, chiller, and tank from my previous 4 footer. Thank you... now still left 2 sets of Vortech MP40s WES to sell... Not intending to add anymore for now because as stated in my very first post, my house will go through some minor renovations (with some tiling and drilling works). Thus, dont want to add anymore livestock till after renovations are done. Must tahan for now and bear with the itchy hands syndrome whenever i pass a LFS. Anyway, here are my existing livestocks from previous tank. Tank still very very empty for now. Wont be updating this thread too often until after my renovation phase is over. Cheers reefers!
  8. Hi admin / mod, item sold. Kindly assist to close thread. Thanks
  9. Hi reefers selling my Arctica Chiller for $800. I've maintained it very well and its able to cool my previous 4 feet tank effectively. Fins are well maintained Maintained with this, changed out monthly Feel free to PM me for viewing.
  10. Tank Sold. Mod kindly assist to close thread. Thank you.
  11. Forgot to mention, I am available on most evenings should you wish to view the unit. No obligations...
  12. Hi reefers, I've decided to sell my MP40 WES (wireless) because i've upgraded my tank from a 4 footer to a 6.5 footer. As such, i decided to change my wavemaker (tough choice). Anyway, I've maintained it in very good condition with cleanings, and it comes with original packaging. Condition is 9/10 I've 2 to let go. Spare parts like, wire mounts, velcro, etc. are still new as shown. Intend to sell it for $380 each. Will allow testing in my tank upon collection. Feel free to PM me your interest. Thank you.
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