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  1. Both about 4inches. $12 each. Self collect at 680144.
  2. $18. Healthy and stable. Kept for more than 1 year. Collection at Teck Whye.
  3. 54w Giesemann Tropic - $20 54w Giesemann Super Flora - $20 Used for only 1 month, 8hrs/day. Take both at $30. Caulerpa Prolifera - $7 (about 1 adult hand size) Collection at Teck Whye Lane. Thank you.
  4. Thanks bro. Looking for others instead of chaeto.
  5. Hello I am looking for Macroalgae. Preferably deal in West Side. Thank you.
  6. Hi All Am planning to try out macroalgae planted tank, please let me know if you have any to let go. Preferably in the west side. Thank you.
  7. Selling for $3.50, stable and healthy. Self-collect at Teck Whye Lane. Thank you.
  8. My ex-emperor juv transformed to adult, however i wish it had stay in juv color.
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