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  1. i think no house in the Singapore should be prone to power trips during rainy days and lightning strikes. You should complain to SP Power...
  2. Upzzz... super slient... I was too late.. got my 5000l/h tesino before this was posted
  3. no it was for the 130d. It was very expensive at least 2 years ago. I dont know how much it costs now..
  4. How safe is the carbon dioxide cylinder? will it explode if anything goes wrong? I dont like the idea of running the cylinder that's why i am not into calcium reactor.
  5. Upzz... I brought mine for $1500++ 2 years ago before I decomm it.
  6. Thanks for the info.. I am moving house year end... Looking 1to decomm my 3ft and upgrade to 4 or 5 ft. .. Working for the budget to seek approval fr my finance minister.
  7. i got mine from madpetz about $70-80. used for a few weeks, still ok.
  8. Bro any idea what is the cost like for a 4ft tank /w sump including pipings and installation and sea water ? Equipments such as wave maker, skimmer, pumps , live stocks are not required.
  9. Does anyone knows where to get replacement blades and pad for hammerhead glass cleaner??
  10. bro, any idea what is the flow rate like in w1 mode?
  11. besides farms, any LFS sells cheato??
  12. wtb a few pieces of LR , preferably bukit panjang or nearby areas.. 98730899.
  13. will wait for wp25. any update on the release date?
  14. confirmed WP40 cannot adjust the wave speed.. i think the wave mode is too strong for a 3ft or even 4ft tank.
  15. For wave modes can we adjust the power etc flow rate just like I am able to do with the vortec..
  16. Sorry changed my mind decided to give it a miss.
  17. Any bro can sell or give me some .. At bukit panjang or west area , or nearby tks
  18. All My tangs are adult size .. I am running fr, pallet, algae scrubber and cheato.. I am afraid 3ft might be too small for 4 tanks ..
  19. Can I add in an Atlantic blue tang to my 3ft tank ? I currently keeping a clown, yellow, naso and blue tangs, and also some corals..
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