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  1. is it still available ? the dosing pump


  2. the most beautiful fowlr tank that I have ever came across was the huge display tank at TFC. whenever I go there, I will spend at least an hour drooling over the fishes inside............
  3. beautiful fishes.........I wanna pay you a visit ;p
  4. Hi Sis, very nice and big changes....
  5. The pictures doesn't do any justice to the beauty of the actual setup. There were so many beautiful corals for us to see.....shall pay you a visit in 3 months time!
  6. Chiller sold and collected by a friendly reefer Moderator, please assist to close the thread. 10q
  7. Selling a very good condition 1yr plus Hailea Nano Chiller model HC130A at $70.00. Kindly note that there is some problem with the thermostat as it will not kick off for chilling once a day at night when the temp raises.......but after being stucked for about 10-30mins, the chilling will starts to kick in again and everything is resume back to normal. Other than this problem, the chiller is chilling very well and is consider quiet. Anyway who is interested interested in this chiller can drop me a pm. Dealing in the west, in Jurong.
  8. Bro Poh34, Beng has all the 3 corals you have mentioned at 2pm today.
  9. Upz for the sales. Forget to add in, comes with extra tubes
  10. Both sets comes with Stands! UpZ for the sales...
  11. Selling a set of 40cm T5 at $20 and a set of 45cm T5 at $25. Both sets comes with a white and a blue tube. Light tubes just changed a month ago. Condition 8/10. Collection in Jurong. PM for fast deal.
  12. Ups for the beautiful green leather! Grab it fast before its gone!
  13. Upz for this beautiful tankset + lighting!
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