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  1. Stable and healthy pieces. 1)1 head Pastel Green stem Hammer.$35 2)2 heads Gold stem with light blueish Skirting $$58 3)Rainbow plate $45
  2. Corals been with me for 10 month++ All stable and healthy. Pm me at 93666425 if keen. Changing job hence decomming. Corals to go first follow by fishes and equipments. Will be updating the rest .
  3. I’m trying to sell away everything due to decommission of this system PM if interested. Location at Toa Payoh My tank size is 24x18x18 inches for reference. A: - 2 pieces of resin rock - RBTA x5 - Small long tentacle toadstool frag x4 - Forest fire digi - Red mushroom and zoa colony - plus other small frags here and there B: Zoa rock C: (sold)
  4. Hi all, As above title states, these Australian Xenia colonies on rocks as well as frags have achieved nice growth in my tank, stable and doing really well. Letting go only to make room for other types of corals. PM only if really keen. Collection is in Sengkang. Thanks! Xenia Colony on rocks: Colony 1: $60 (Horizontal view) (Vertical View) Colony 2: $50 Colony 3 (abt 12-15 polyps): $30 Colony 4: $20 Colony 5: $20 Colony 6 (with mushrooms & 3 golden clove polyps): $80 Xenia Frags: Frag: $25 Frag Plug: $20 A bunch of Frag Plugs in Tray: $50
  5. A. Golden Clove frag-$18 B. Neon tip Leather coral (about 8.5 cm across )-$28 C. Leptastrea(mid size frag disk/encrusted )-$35 D. Mohawk Frag (at least 7 polyp )-$15 E. Ultra Metallic GSP - $20 F. Gold Meister Chalice - $35 G.Ultra Lumi Green tip blue base Yuma-$25 H. Neon Torch (3 heads)-$40 I. Indigo Paly -$25 J. Clam ( M-Size) $40 K. Ultra lumi tip Gonio Colony (Opens to hand size ) -$45 L.Bright Orange Plate coral-$35
  6. Selling the following corals ! =) WA/Msg : 8752 9711 Watermelon Favia ( At least 6 heads & encrusted) -$25 Duncan ( At least 7 heads ) - $30 Ultra Lumi Gonio ( Colony size ) - $45 Ultra Lumi Yuma ( Around 3.5cm ) - $28 Rhodactis ( Frag plug size ) $20 Bright orange plate (small) $ 25 Cheers!
  7. Selling a beautiful Elegance Coral from my tank. More information below: Species: Catalaphyllia jardinei Common Name: Elegance Coral Origin: Indonesia Care Level: Beginner Color: Daylight: Mostly beige/pink, with white tipped tentacles. Actinic: Jade green Water Params: Salinity: 1.025 Temp: 26 - 27c Alk / Cal / Mg: Not fussy as long as stable. Size: ~21cm wide (fully opened) ~12cm high (fully opened) Temperament: Non aggressive. Peaceful with small fish, crustaceans and inverts Number of mouths: >6 Diet: Mostly photosynthetic. Weekly frozen Mysis and plankton Characteristics: Acclimated to a medium flow area with medium/high lighting. Exceptionally graceful, long tentacles gives the aqua-scape a lot of motion within the tank. Reason for sale: Outgrown my 50g tank. I think her beauty needs to be displayed in a more appropriate environment. The Images portray the actual specimen. (WYSIWYG) Price: S$90.00. I am located in Holland Village area.
  8. Acan for sale $60 interested pls sms 96633566 thanks . Use ATI light
  9. Birdnest colony corals for sale $25 estimated 4 to 4.5 " use ATI lighting Interested pls sms 96633566 thanks
  10. Is it possible to set up a 10 gallon saltwater tank and fill about a quarter of it with my current saltwater tank's water? My current tank is running stable about 5 months already, keeping a zoa colony, a blue leg hermit and a clownfish under 2 normal filters, no protein skimmers no water changes Can i put some of that water in a new tank and add newly mixed water, and start keeping corals in it? am i asking for trouble in some sense? Please help. The reason why I'm gonna start the 10 gal is for a BTA (it'll have a protein skimmer for it) And i wanna put it in when the tank water is 6 months Which, is the main question. if i mix 5 month water and newly mixed water does it still count as 5 month water?
  11. Decomm my cube tank due to lack of time to care for 2 tanks. Corals- 1. Flower pot coral $15 2. Gsp $12 3. Hairy mushroom $10 4. Green mushroom $8 5. Brown mushroom $5 6. Cauliflower $5 Fishes/inverts- 7. Long nosed hawkfish $12 (3 inches) 8. Yellow fin angel $12 (3-4 inches) 9. Australian sea apple f.o.c. 10. Peacock mantis shrimp $10 (7-8 inches) 11. A smaller mantis shrimp $5 (3 inches) 50cm cube tank $350 (tank by aquarium artist) - cube tank with return pump n glass cover - cabinet - lighting - skimmer *tank to go after livestock Location sengkang. Pls text me at 8218 0808 for pics.
  12. Hello, I would like to know where I can get a bubble tip anemone that is not too expensive, under $40 around there? Thanks.
  13. Hi guys, I have a recently bought clownfish (bought on the 12th of Jan) It is eating well, doesn't rub itself on rocks (means no sign of ich), doesn't do anything weird EXCEPT that it hangs out at the front right top corner of my tank ALL the time, except when feeding and occasionally, moving to the front left top corner for a few seconds (where i have a thermometer to measure the temp). It hangs out at the front right top corner as in it stays there most of the time, but it keeps swimming. It seems to be 'hyperactive' but only staying in that corner. As I'm typing this, it's currently swimming up and down at the front left corner, going to the surface and quickly going to near the substrate at the bottom. So my worry is, why is it not going to the other areas of the tank? (such as the substrate, the live rocks, etc) If you guys need, i can provide a pic. but anyways, does anyone know why it might do this?
  14. Want to buy 2-3 heads of Euphyllia and/or euphyllia coral pm me your price can meet in the east preferably bedok
  15. Hi, Decommissioning my 5ft marine setup, and looking for new homes for my pets: FISH: 1. Powder Blue Tang @ $50 (been with me > 3 years - my favourite, healthy, itch free, and good appetite) 2. Blue Tang @ $40 3. Sailfin Tang @ $20 (please note that it suffers from HLLE around the head area, but is otherwise healthy and with a big appetite and personality) 4. Yellow Tang @ $40 (Have a pair available, take both for $70) 5. Copperband Butterfly @ $10 6. Bicolor Angel @ $10 7. Bandai Cardinalfish @ $5 for a pair 8. Algae Blenny (or Goby, cannot recall) @ $5 9. Clownfish @ FOC with any of above purchase, or preferably with purchase of hammer coral it is hosting on CORALS: 10. Hammer coral @ $40 11. Torch Coral @ $40 (3 heads) 12. Torch Coral @ $15 (1 head, grown from parent torch) 13. Torch Coral @ $30 (1 head - grown from parent torch, but attached to big live rock) 14. Bubble Coral @ $50 (extends to larger than fist size) 15. Plate Coral @ $35 16. Fox Coral @ $35 17. Duncan @ $30 ( min. 4 heads) 18. Green zoas on large live rock @ $20 (refer pic above for duncan) 19. Green zoas on medium live rock @ $10 20. Misc green zoas FOC with any purchase (while stocks last) I also have sand stars which I will gladly offer FOC (if I can find them) when you come by to purchase anything. All livestock still in the original tank, and will catch only upon purchase. Please kindly bring your own pail or bags. Decomm of live rock, sand, and equipment to follow after livestock clears. Interested parties, please WhatsApp 91682887. Thanks in advance for reading and the support! Cheers!
  16. Hi, selling the below items. Duncan coral with long stem, about 30 heads and growing more. ($150) Huge disk coral, about 10 inches in diameter ($155) Beautiful mystery wrasse, about 2.5 inches. ($100) Reb back anthias, not sure the exact name. x4 ($50) Normal yellow wrasse ($5) Sri Lanka Yellow wrasse ($20) A pair of flame hawk ($80) Melanurus wrasse ($15) Blackbar hogfish ($30) A pair of cleaner shrimps ($20) Spider conch x2, conch x2, snails [not sure how many] ($10) A pair of Randall goby with pistol shrimps ($40) Please bring own pail when collecting. East katong area. Pics in next post.
  17. Hello all, anyone knows where to buy corals that are cheap? Like, below $20.
  18. CORALS of the world by Jen Veron Contain 3 volumes Selling at $150
  19. Hello! Just two friends thrilled to be setting up our first reef tank. Display tank dimensions: L 180cm x H 60cm x W 50cm (approx. 540L) Other specifications: MAXSPECT Razor 300W 16K EHEIM 1264 return pump VERTEX Omega 150 Protein Skimmer JEBAO WP40 x2 HAILEA HS-66A 1/4HP chiller D-D H2Ocean FR (Rowaphos + Biopellets) Here's a timelapse of the set up process, with help from the good guys at Iwarna: http://youtu.be/8Zp1sncIu1U The tank is currently cycling, and we should be able to start adding livestock and coral slowly in about 1-2 weeks. In the meantime, we are spending our days adjusting the rock scape and worrying about the lone marbled starfish who likes to live dangerously (near the overflow). Comments and advice are most welcome! (:
  20. Due to work commitment, I am decommissioning one of my 322 tank.. glass thickness is 10mm and condition is 8/10 (no scratches) except for a small chip off at one of the corner. . Looking to sell at $80 (negotiable for sincere buyer) I have a few corals to sell as well ...a. Soft leather.. turning luminous green with brown polyps $20. b. Leather with yellowish white polyps $15. C. Purple Buttons with pink dust. (Not sure abt the name) 5 to 6 polyps $10 D. Same button 3 Polyps $5 e. Spotted Mushroom. .. total about 6 selling at $5 Thanks for viewing..
  21. Hi all reefers, as some of u have already knew, my tank crashed a few wks ago and I have decided to decom for the time being and sell off most of my corals and lr first while planning for my new tank. Some of the corals that survived r recovering well from the crash although not in the best condition and hence I'm selling them off. Hopefully will help in funding my new tank build. Pls do support if u r interested in any of them.Equipments and tank set will be later in another thread after I sold off my livestocks. Most of my fishes I will be retained, will post again if I'm selling any (most likely the 4" chevron tang had to go) but will most likely later and in another thread too.
  22. I have a nano tank for a year. Like any new hobbyist, I often envy the display tanks at the aquarium shops. Even their nano tanks looks 100 times better. You buy a coral and when you put it in your own tank. It flourishes a while and then it becomes smaller and lacks its former beauty and brilliance. Well, the LFS owners run a business and we do it as a hobby. And their tanks are mature and have been around for years. Fair point. But wont it be nice if we can do the same. I do water quality test on ammonia, nitrite, notrate, copper, phosphate, PH and trying to get the ideal water condition and I have no idea how many "magic" additives I have bought. It is like golfer with their new clubs. Yesterday I tried something new and crazy. I dropped half of the GNC Magnesium and Calcium vitamin pill into the tank. The calcium caused the tank to be slightly cloudy but it cleared up in 5 minutes. Then I noticed the mushrooms began to open up till they covered the rocks and everything seemed to go hyperdrive in terms of size. It is like they were given steriods. I did some research and found out that magnesium is important to corals and fishes, the third most common ion (or element) after sodium and chloride (guess that is why it is called salt water). And most artificial salt and artificial seawater lack the magnesium. The chemistry is pretty complicated and I am no chemist. Summary: some artificial sea salt has plenty of magnesium and some dont. I am sure someone has tried this before. But it works for me. It is too early to tell if this is the solution as I would need more test over time. Perhaps it is the calcium and not the magnesium. Or is it a fluke result? Maybe some seniors in this forum can shed some light but it is fascinating if this really works! Exclusion Clause: Do this experiment at your own risk. Maybe dont even experiment until it is proven safe. Maybe everyone knows this trick. Any advice?
  23. Hi, I am moving out of Singapore, and I have to give up my corals. MOST OF THEM ARE FROM AUSTRALIA, Here is the list of corals I am selling, Most of them are SPS; (some I dont know their name) - Monitpora cebaensis $30 - Echinophyllia aspera $45 - Euphyllia ancora $15 - Scolymia SP $30 - Acropora Kirstyae $20 - Montipora aequituberculata (Red) $30 - Montipora tuberculosa (Purple) $30 - Acropora elegans (Purple) $30 - Acropora divaricat (Green) ranging from $20 - $60 - Seritopora histrix (Pink) $20 - $55 - Pocillopora verrueosa $20, $30, $60 - Acropora millepora $10 - Euplexaura SP $10-$45 We have others(but i cant find their name) which might interest you, PM Me FOR VIEWING N COLLECTION at 59 WEST COAST WAY. Prices can be nego. if interested.
  24. Im planning to upgrade my lighting to DE Retrofit Lighting fixtures and looking for some review about this product before I do my purchase. DE LIGHTING T5 RETROFIT FIXTURES Thanks for the help.
  25. Been survey the ready made complete system. especially the redsea series. And the prices a little differences compare with those complete packages. Some come with sumps. Some hmm try additional cost for sump , protein skimmer, salts topup water and lighting. Well need some good advise here from those experience guy to be money well spend.
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