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  1. Been almost a year since returning to a wonderful hobby after a long break. Good to be back!

    1. ASHWIN


      welcome back!

  2. Found out hard way that Caribbean live sand should be rinsed (in seawater) before use. It contains a lot of fine sediment that stays suspended for a long, long time.

  3. Hi bro, i bought a 4-tube T5 set(24w 12,000K x 4) for my 2ft tank. Is that sufficient?

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    2. christan1959


      Tnx bro for reply. How many tube/s shld I switch to Actinic? And which Actinic are best? Sorry so many questions.

    3. zoa farmer

      zoa farmer

      2 blues...or 3. depends on you. i prefer 3 blue one white

    4. christan1959


      Thanks bro. I will probably go for 2White + 2Blue. See how it goes. Perhaps I will add an LED pendant to create shimmering effect. Can get pretty inexpensive high-intensity ones from major lighting distributors.

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