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  1. Wow impressive. How were able to build up such a wide and varied collection of knock-out corals in such a short time?? Good reefer friends??
  2. Any tell-tale signs, eg tattered silicon seals?
  3. How did the leak develop in your precious tank?
  4. Your coral colours are out of this world. And within such a short time too. Master-class reefer!
  5. Are u dosing or using a CR? Can't quite see. Have just started using the chaeto reactor too. Hopefully to wean tank off carbon and phosban...
  6. Thanks... pse let me know if you are fragging
  7. What's the third one from the top?
  8. Nice to see this thread, Alex. Quick question - when corals touch, do u leave them be, or do you trim back?
  9. The soda lime system prevents excess CO2 from getting INTO the tank but does not remove CO2 that has already built up in the water.
  10. How's the soda lime system working? I simply put an air pump on timer to blow off excess CO2 in the sump at night.
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