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  1. A good read on AI Vega for those whom wish to know more technically about this lighting. http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2013/1/aafeature
  2. This video demonstrate the amazing 20 channel of colors control that the new AI Vega perform. http://youtu.be/zqXGBQ8vwLc
  3. http://youtu.be/zUSCIWnPtQg Technical Spec for AI SOL Length: 11.875 inches Width: 5.375 inches Height: 2.35 inches Weight:4.125 pounds Power Output: 75W Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.6 x 2.1 x 1.25 in. Weight: 10oz Technical Spec for AI Vega Length: 11.88 inches Width:5.38 inches Height:1.57 inches Weight:3.25 pounds Power Consumption: 95W max power from outlet PFC: > 0.9 Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.84 x 2.14 x 1.26 in.
  4. Hi Admiraltian, Yes the controller is sold separately.
  5. Since the year is soon coming to an end, it is time for you to set your new resolution for your beloved tank. Look no further and pamper your fish and corals with our range of new AI LED lighting. In conjunction with the launch and the event in Dec, we will be co-operating with our exclusive dealers below offering all reefer in SRC a 15% pre-order discount made during the period( 07.12.2012 ~ 07.01.2013 ) !!! Pre order can be made via these participating dealers MadPetz Marine Life The Fish Channel Aquarium Iwarna Hurry and go check out with any of the above LFS now.... RRSP Prices for AI Leds AI SOL ( Available in White / Annodised , Black / Annodised ) - $ 679.00 AI Vega ( Available in White / Annodised ) - $ 769.00 AI MK II Controller ( SOL / VEGA ) - $ 175.00 ** All AI Led is manufactured in USA.
  6. Be the first to catch the preview of the new Aqua illumination Vegas LED in Asia !! The new AI Vegas will be display on our booth at the Dec event ( 07.12.2012 ~ 09.12.2012 ). Come over and see for yourself why this worldwide anticipated LED lighting is a major sold out even before it was officially launch .
  7. New Deltec SC1455 and SC135 is now available

  8. You can now check out the actual unit in action at Madpetz and The Fish channel on their display tank .
  9. Abyzz Pump now come with lifetime warranty !

  10. Wow.. We are pleased to announce that from 20th Oct 2012 onward, all Abyzz pump bought from us or our dealers will be covered under our lifetime ( 10 years ) Warranty !! However, do note that the standard local and Asia warranty still stand at 12 month, the remaining warranty period will be covered by Venotec Germany with the following terms and condition ; Venotec Terms of warranty In accordance with the implied warranty, we provide a 12-month guarantee. You can also extend the product guarantee period from 12 months to 10 years free of charge within 4 weeks of purchasing the product (date of invoice) after registering your product successfully. If you have a complaint or feedback about our products , please contact us immediately and if needed, send the device back - in its original packaging wherever possible and with proof of purchase - directly to venotec or to your Asia Retailer. Please note that we cannot accept non-prepaid deliveries. Such deliveries will be sent back without being processed. The guarantee covers material, functional, and production faults that can occur when using the product as intended. It does not cover damage of wearout or abrasive wear, transport damage, claims for compensation above and beyond compensation for the product itself, or damage resulting from improper use, negligence, incorrect installation, or interventions and changes carried out by unauthorized persons. We expressly exclude such scenarios from our scope of liability. Any secondary damages such as the loss of coral, fish, or water damage caused by pump failure or a lack of intake protection are expressly excluded from guarantee and warranty claims. Calcination inside the pump and any resulting damage to the product or motor, damage by use as not intended and any damage to cables (e.g. chafed cables) are expressly excluded from the warranty. The warranty is invalidated in the following cases: Removed original plugs, use of non-original spare parts, impeller wheel damage resulting from parts sucked into the pump, motor damage caused by the tapering of the intake port or if the pump is operated with a closed or partially closed ball valve in the intake area, motor damage caused by persistent dry running, limescale damage resulting from the improper use of chemicals or the use of unsuitable chemicals, motor damage resulting from upstream external electronic components or damage resulting from damp in the driver. ** „Lifetime Guarantee“ is given during the minimum estimated lifetime of the product which is 10 years. ** lifetime eng.pdf
  11. Now all Abyzz pump come with more pressure and power !! please Read the pdf for more information; Abyzz News eng.pdf
  12. Some review on Youtube . http://youtu.be/wK0FHdOxK90 http://youtu.be/c9ROKdwHW-Y Review on oversea forum ; http://www.wamas.org...-you-tried-them
  13. Hey reefers, Just to share some photo taken by Mr Seet during his recent visit to Ching Chai 's awesome reef tank from the land of simile Enjoy the photos..
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